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Book 5: Calypso, the sweet nymph

No description

Queen Assata Stephens

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Book 5: Calypso, the sweet nymph

Book 5: Calypso, the sweet Nymph
The Discussion (dun dun dun)
Once Hermes reaches Ogygia, Calypso invites him to dinner to discuss why he has come.
-Hermes explains that Zeus has ordered him to retrieve Odysseus from captivity, and that she must also assist him in building a raft for his travels; She agrees grudgingly, because she had fallen in love with him.
" The strong god glittering left her as he spoke and now her ladyship, having given heed to Zeus's mandate, went to find Odysseus in his stone seat to seaward" pg. 1208
The News
Calypso tells Odysseus that he was finally going to be set free
-Calypso finds Odysseus, who is sitting by the water missing his former life, and brings him inside to eat and drink. Whilw doing so she tells him that she would not only just let him go, but help him by building a raft.
"O forlorn man,be still Here you need grieve no more; you need not feel your life consumed here; I have pondered it, and I shall help you go." pg.1208

Rock the Boat
Calypso helps Odysseus build a raft and Odysseus sets off to sea.
-Calypso listens to Zeus' orders and brings him materials to build the raft which is what he will be using to sail back home
" With Calypsos help Odysseus builds a raft." 1209
Free at Last
Sets off to sea for seventeen days plus three days of sailing against storms before reaching the island of Scheria
-This is when he is finally traveling back home, though the story does not end with him reaching his homeland of Ithaca but is washed up onto Scheria
Before we begin...
Hermes: The messenger of the gods
Calypso: The sea goddess who lives on the island of Ogygia; She is also the daughter of Titan Atlas
Odysseus: The ruler of Ithaca
The Rescue
Hermes journeys out to calypso's island to find Odysseus.
-This is important because Odysseus has been held captive after wandering the Mediterranean Sea for seven to ten years.
"Hermes flew until the distant island lay ahead." pg.1206
Discussion Questions
1. Why was Hermes sent to the island of Ogygia?
2. How did Odysseus spend most of his days?
3. How many days did it take in TOTAL for Odysseus to reach the island of Scheria?
Free At last Quote:
" A man in a distant field, no hearthfires near, will hide a fresh brand in his bed of embers to keep a spark alive for the next day; so in the leaves Odysseus hid himself, while over him Athena showered sleep that his distress should end, and soon, soon. In quiet sleep she sealed his cherished eyes." pg. 1209
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