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on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of ellisa

To become a singer you need your high school
diploma. I chose to become a singer because i like singing and dancing.What singers do play instruments sing for life audience and recording studios . The median annual wage is per hour $22.39.you don"t need any degree for this career but i will get the singing degree for more respect we all will make it if we try and practice our career that we want to become. Photographer:

To become a photographer you need your High School diploma. The annual wage per hour is $14.00 per hour and the yearly annual wage is $29,130. I chose this career because I really like taking pictures of random things. In this career photographers use images to tell a story or an event. There are about 17,500 opportunities for this employment. How to Become a creative professional To become A dancer you have to know all kinds of dance moves like Hip hop , ballet ,tango,and ballroom .i chose this career because i am good at it and i like to dance. To become a designer you need a high school diploma & equivalent . The median annual wage $31.02 per hour and $ 64.530 per year. In this career we design clothes,we make nail polish , and make up .I choose this career because its fun, and creative .c;
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