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Group Decision Making Process

How to make a decision as a task-centered group.

Robyn Madson

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of Group Decision Making Process

Selection and Phrasing
of topic
Why? Because then everyone in the group is on the same page and can agree on the basics.

How? Discuss the task at hand - what is the purpose of the task? What are the implications of your actions?

**Determine the limits of the discussion.
**Define the major terms of the discussion.
Select and Enact
Why? So you are finished with your task!

How? Your group should determine how you will select a final decision during the "determining criteria" phase, then follow through with your selection process at this point. This might include a vote, a consensus, a leadership decision, etc.

**Make sure to take everyone's opinion into account before finalizing your solution.
How to work with a group
to be successful

Group Problem Solving
Analyze the topic
Why? So that you don't miss any important facts, implications, or facets of the problem.

How? 1) Find evidence and research if needed.
2) Share the evidence and research.
3) Make a list of people that will be impacted by this topic and decision.
4) Make a list of resources involved (things)

**This is a fact finding mission, not an argument.
Establish Criteria
Why? So everyone knows what the group is looking for in a solution.

How? Brainstorm possible criteria for the end result - for example, what would a perfect world look like after our decision is made? Then, make a list of a few criteria you will meet with the final decision.
Suggest Solutions
Why? So everyone gets a chance to have input as to a final decision.

1) Brainstorm possible solutions.
2) Make a pro/con list for each possible solutions (as decided by the group)
3) Discuss thoroughly, looking at how your options affect people and resources.
Make Rules for
Group Process
Why? So everyone in the group knows the expectations for participation and how the group will move forward and make decisions.

How? Discuss possible rules and expectations, find some agreement, typically through concensus.

**Brainstorm some possible rules/expectations
**Choose the ones that work best and follow them.
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