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IELTS Writing Task 1

No description

Claudio Quintanilla

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of IELTS Writing Task 1

Never write your opinion anywhere in the report and other information that does not appear on chart .
Report structure
1. Introduction
(1 paragraph - 2-3 sentences)
2. Body
( may consist of 2-3 paragraphs)
3. Conclusion
( 1 paragraph - could be 1 sentence)
Bar graph
How to start

Single bar graph - " The graph describes/shows/
reveals ... (what, who, when, where).
Multiple bar graph - " The graph compares ...
(what, who, when, where).
Time stamp and grammar
1. Happened in the past (past simple)
2. Continued in the past (past continuous)
3. Happens in the present (present simple or
present continuous)
Line graph
- rises (increases, climbs, goes up)
- falls (decreases, declines, drops, goes down)
- does not change (remains, at the same level, maintains stability)

The highest points is a peak.
The lowest point is called a bottom.

The speed of change - fast, rapidly, quickly
OR - slowly, gradually, steadily
Task 1

Different figures
in the Writing 1 Task
How to start
"The graph describes, shows, reveals ... (what, who, when, where).

Same as line graph
How to describe or compare trends
If the axis of the bar is a time scale - describe how graph's subject changes in time.

Otherwise compare the bars differently - more, less, most, least, OR in order of appearance.
Pie chart
How to start
"The pie chart compare ... (what, who,
when, where)
When describing a pie chart, write
- the highest ( significance, lowest) percentage
- the greatest ( smallest) proportion
- the lowest number
- the most (least) popular (common) item.
How to start
"The table compares ... ( what, who, when, where).
The vocab is the same, in case the time is not mentioned, assume Present.

How to select and group information
The table has a lot of categories. it is presented that the way intentionally describing all in 20 minutes is impossible.

Thus, you must group information and describe groups of categories.
Process diagram
How to start
"The flow chart/diagram describes / reveals the procedures of / for ..."
When describing a process, explain the sequences of stages/ actions and use vocabs like:
firstly, to begin with, then, after that, in addition, otherwise, concurrently, simultaneously, finally.
How to describe a process
- describe every stage one by one
- mention whether or not there are stages that are being
performed at the same time.
- only describe, do not compare or contrast
-use present simple passive


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