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the first snowfall

No description

Chantiea Crawford

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of the first snowfall

The First Snowfall by: Chantiea
Dylan Analysis/Explanation Poetry Analysis Questions Surface Level Application Level Evaluation Level "Small Tools" and Relations to the theme/message. How is this an example of Romantic movement? Paraphrase Stanzas James Russell Lowell The First Snowfall Reading of poem Bio Born: February 22, 1819 Died: August 12 1891
Raised in Massachusetts ; Graduated from Harvard
Married twice and both wife's died before him. (from tuberculosis)
Two of three children of his died(Robert,); Mabel was his last living daughter; Also majority of his friends died,including Emerson.
Interesting fact: President Rutherford B. Hayes rewarded Lowell support in the Republican convention in187 by appointing him minister to Spain(1877-80) and ambassador to Great Britain(1800-85) Written: 1847
This poem expressed the grief of first daughter Stanza 1: It the night a plethora of snow covered the environment.
Stanza 2: Description of what the snow covered (trees and branches)
Stanza 3: Describes the morning with a roosters crow. And talks about how the snow is soft as a "swans-down".
Stanza 4: The author was standing by the window watching the snow fall and birds fly.
Stanza 5: At this moment he thought of a deceased persons gravestone and how the snow was was "gently folding on it" Mourning of a family member Authors at this time wrote about family values/and situations.
Its Emotional ,Imaginative-it relates to the readers (pathos)
Also in this time they talked about love and nature. Symbolism: "flake by flake, healing and hiding"(S.8,L.31)
"That arched o`er our first great sorrow" (S.7,L.27-28)
Who are the characters in the poem?
James(Author), His 2nd daughter Mabel,& 1st deceased daughter What attitude and tone is the poet trying to convey?
Answer:Sorrow,mourning Was the poem successful in establishing a significant theme?
Answer:Yes ,b/c the description of everything in the poem. Example: In the beginning it starts talking about winter which is symbolism for "death" Paraphrase Stanzas cont. Stanza 6: The authors daughter asked "Who makes the snow?". The author responds that God makes it and cares for us here on earth.
Stanza 7: Again he begin to think of the gravestone,and remembers his first loss.
Stanza 8: He remembers how slow snow falls out of a cloud to the ground. And every "flake" is "healing and hiding" the scar of loss.
Stanza 9: The authors continues answering his daughter question by saying God is the only one who can make the snow that brings peace(silence)
Stanza 10: The author kisses his daughter with his eyes shut. She didn't know that the kiss was for her sister , which is the person who passed. Theme How: Throughout the whole poem it slowly reveals the death of a daughter and how much the father misses her. Deeper Level Is there rhyme scheme? If so, what is it? Does it fit any of the patterns you have been taught?
Yes,the pattern is ABCB. We have been taught this. Is there any unfamiliar words if so define them?
Carrara-White marble Whats the poem theme? Is it simple ,complex,is there a universal theme?
Answer: Mourning of a loss. Complex;Healing takes time What lines contribute to the development of the theme?
Answer: Lines 37-40 " Does the poem speak to the modern world?
Answer:Yes,b/c everyone eventually experience a death of a loved one. Did the poem speak to you personally?
Answer: If time Chantiea speak.(sandy) Diction: "All-father" (S.6,L.24) "swan`s-down"(S.3,L.12)
Imagery: "And the poorest twig on the elm-tree Was ridged inch deep with pearl Similes: How the flakes were folding it gently, As did robins the babes in the wood. (S.5,L.19-20) Personification:"The noiseless work of the sky"(S.4,L.14)
) Julie Nick Ricky Dylan Nick Chantiea Julie Dylan Ricky Chantiea
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