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Adam Opel AG

No description

Alexander Matinski

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Adam Opel AG

Company founded: 21.01.1862 in
Rüsselsheim, Germany

1862: begin with production of sewing machines

Adam Opel
1886: begin with production of bicycles
1920: Opel largest bicycle manufacturer in the world
Friedrich Lutzmann

Opel Patent Motor Car (1899)
Opel Laubfrosch
1928: Opel is largest automotive manufacturer in Weimar Republic
Ludwig, Fritz, Heinrich, Wilhelm, Carl Opel
1928: Opel becomes a share-limited company
(Adam Opel AG)
World economic crisis
by 1931 General Motors acquires Opel
Present - Problems
US financial crisis (2007)
turns into
World / Automotive industry crisis
GM vulnerable since 2005 - losses for 2007 were 38.7 billion US$
History - Beginnings
Total sales 2008 - forecast 2014
History - Beginnings
until 2013
USA, China
USA, China
USA, China, Europe
Future - Forecast
History - Beginnings
History - financial crisis
and acquisition
Fiat, Magna, Sberbank interested in buying
Future - subsidiaries development
Decline in production over 10 %, 1,46 million cars
Present - Problems
GM filed for bankruptcy on June 1, 2009
(US$82.29 billion in assets and US$172.81 billion in debt)
History - World war II and
fresh start
Losses for OPEL: 94,6 million US $ /month
Future - Alliance
selected main competitor
co-production of a vehicle
Present - Facts and Figures
Rüsselsheim, Germany
Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann

General Motors

General Motors UK Limited (
Vauxhall Motors
IBC Vehicles Limited
Opel Eisenach GmbH
Opel Special Vehicles GmbH

Parent company

Present - Facts and Figures
13 manufacturing facilities in 8 countries
37,056 as of 2013
Area served
Number of locations
Opel Ampera 2013
- 38,300 €
- Siri eyes voice command
- Electromotor + combustion engine

at least 80 km 540 km

fuel consumption 1.2 l/100 km
Management Board Chairman
History - bad corporate image and dropping sales
During world war II:

stop of production of civilian automobiles
plants were severely damaged

After world war II:
Opel rebuilds plants and becomes alongside VW biggest automobile producer in Germany

1980 oil crisis:
lack of innovative design
quality issues due to cost-cutting measures
management problems

Present - Operating Numbers
11.460 million €
Annual deficit
2.180 million € (
Present - Popularity
Present - Marketing
Future - today
Opel SWOT analysis
- new vision and strategy
- strong brand portfolio
- knowledge of home market
- "Made in Germany"
- government subsidies
- car recalls (in the past)
- bureaucratic culture
- overcapacity
- restriction by GM
- high production costs
- positive attitude towards “green” vehicles
- increasing fuel prices
- changing customer needs
- marketing
- alliance with PSA
- fluctuating fuel/ energy prices
- rising raw material prices
- customs duties ( Asian market )
- intense competition ( VW , ... )
Thank you
Nura Abdin
Katharina Rasmussen
Alexander Matinski
Total car registrations EU 2012
Top ten cars by brand EU 2012
Future - design
Slump in sales 14 % (2008)
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