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P.6 TSA Reading And Writing

No description

Janet Law

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of P.6 TSA Reading And Writing

P.6 TSA Reading and Writing You have 50 mins to finish the paper. Reading Writing 4 Parts Part 1 (~9 Qns)
Part 2 (~12 Qns)
Part 3 (~9 Qns)
Part 4 (~9 Qns) M.C. Questions Genre poem poster notice graphs articles play (script) riddles diary How will you start ? Questions or Passage ? Why not start from reading the Questions? - You can get the main idea , underline it
- Then skim the passage and find out the correspoinding keyword(s) Genre diary article letter picture description + ending Strategy How will you start? Understand the content and requirements
Ask yourself, "Who are you?"
Which tenses should be used?
Do you do it the same way as you did your compositions at school? NO! Mind the word limit
Be brief and concise but complete!
The same thing you need is --> PROOFREAD CAREFULLY
**Have a look at the Marking Scheme! Something stupid but very IMPORTANT!!! 1. Stick your label neatly! 2. Darken the whole little circle (M.C.)
and erase it completely if needed. 3. Don't write outside the box.
That doesn't count at all!!! Have fun and show how good you are!
Good luck! Strategy
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