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Communicating with Students and Parents

Some tools to help with classroom communications.

Debbie Harris

on 19 January 2011

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Transcript of Communicating with Students and Parents

Social Networking
Communicating with Students and Parents
With students
great way to communicate when students are ill or on holiday
can send one email to multiple addresses
teach students how to access school email from home
make sure attachments can be opened from home
With parents
save email addresses if they are not PWSD addresses
don't email if the topic requires immediate attention
ensure attachments can be opened from their computer
send messages max. 140 characters - called a tweet
follow people to see their tweets
create a teacher profile that students/parents can follow
tweet about things your students/parents might like to know
ex. due dates, upcoming events, tips, information
I don't recommend following students unless they only tweet for school or you are prepared to ignore their tweets
you may want to create a teacher profile
create groups that students/parents join, you would have control over who can join and what they post - groups are a good way for you to share with students/parents but also for them to share with each other
it is possible to become "friends" with students/parents, but then you may have access to information about them that you don't want to have
create a course that students enrol in
can be used to communicate information, have discussions, deliver content and assignments, place for students to hand in assignments
completely private
can be accessed from home
great way for students to stay caught up if they are away from school
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