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AP English Questions

An in-depth look at the two numbers I was assigned

Leeroy Jenkins

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of AP English Questions

Big Aesthetically-Pleasing Presentation 22. The tone in the clause "and we did that also" (line 21) suggests that the narrator 23. Upon seeing Petrarch's handwriting on the Virgil manuscript (line 22), the narrator (A) reflects on the nature of the love between Petrarch and Laura (B) understands why tourists are drawn to the Ambrosian library (C) realizes that he's in the presence of a rare literary masterpiece (D) wonders why Petrarch got away with defacing the manuscript (E) imagines the consequences of Petrarch's love for Laura (A) relishes seeing all the sights (B) is tired of traveling in Italy (C) remembers remembers seeing a photo of the Ambrosian Library in a geography schoolbook (D) is an indifferent tourist (E) dutifully follows the guide from place to place Reasoning Alright, in the passage it is obvious that the narrator is showing contempt for the guide. He states openly that he hates that they chatter incessantly in broken English while he's trying to ponder and enjoy the sights. In line 20's little paragraph, he basically says that the guide gave a lame suggestion of a place to go, and so they left for somewhere else, with or without him.
"No, we did not............we wished to go to La Scala..........we did so.
Then, in line 21, we get, "We wished to go to the Ambrosian Library, and we did that also."
Okay, basically he is interested enough in his surroundings that he took it upon himself to go see what he wanted to see on his own terms. (B) does not make sense because he's enthusiastic about the sight-seeing (C) has nothing to do with what the question asked, the narrator just briefly mentioned that when stating how annoying the guide was (D) he's not indifferent, obvious if you read the passage (E) no, he did not, he went off and did his own thing after getting fed up From this we have deduced that (A) is the answer, it's the only one that makes sense Reasoning Basically in line 22, the narrator explains that Petrarch was some poet who was lovesick for some other guy's wife, and says he wasted his love and energy on her when he shouldn't have. In the following lines he talks about how their romance made them famous, even though it wasn't fair to the other guy. (B) he doesn't make a remark about other tourists (C) not really, he's pondering Petrarch's actions and what that says about his character, not crapping his pants in awe of Petrarch's literary genius (D) nowhere does it say that Petrarch somehow vandalized his own manuscript (E) kind of, but not really. In the lines after 22 he thinks about how it made them famous and probably ruined the other guy's life, but that's after he talks a little about Petrarch and Laura's love for one another I'm pretty sure (A) is the correct answer. In lines 22 to 26 he's reflecting on Petrarch and Laura's relationship and thinking that their hearts were in the right place, but the love was a mistake. THE END! By Dylan Varner
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