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theories of relativity

No description

emily mollison

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of theories of relativity

character: twitch Twitch trait 1: lonely trait 2: sick trait 3: friendly twitch has no family or friends, all he has is Amber. Because like Amber explained in the book, he has no one to care about him. he ran away because he was abused by his dad with drugs. like when Dylan and twitch were once at the library and Dylan noticed scars on twitch`s arms. And Amber explained what was wrong with twitch. And Dylan does`nt seem to care enough for twitch. and thats all twitch really needs, is someone to help him and care about him. twitch is over skinny and his skin is so pale its almost blue. he is also always high and never stays still. and near the end of the book he was in the hospital because he almost died because of the drugs. twitch is friendly because he is always really nice to Dylan and he is always following him and keeping him safe, he also loves it when he has someone to keep him company. role in the story theories of relativity real name: Aaron physical description: he's really skinny, pail skin, one eyebrow pierced, and he has long, curly, light brown hair. friends: his friends are Dylan, Amber, Ainsley, and Brad. enemies: his enemies are Lurch, Vulture,
and his dad. family background: when he was younger he was physically abused by his dad with drugs, so he ran off. characters role in the story: he is one of Dylan`s friends and Amber takes care of him. relationship to Dylan Twitch is sort of one of Dylan`s friends
but Dylan rejects him and does`nt understand him. and twitch seems like he really wants to be friends with dylan. important event 1 an important event was when Dylan was brought to Brad`s house. because, Brad made Dylan uncomfortable by apparently ``sleeping on him``. which was VERY awkward and it make an impact on twitch because he was the one who brought Dylan to brads house, and it made Dylan not want to talk to twitch. which made twitch upset. important event 2 twitch and Amber are good friends and the impact it has on Dylan is that where ever twitch is, it seems Amber is and it annoys Dylan because Dylan does`nt like Amber.
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