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Graphic Design in the Music Industry

No description

Amanda Williams

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Graphic Design in the Music Industry

Graphic Design
in the Music Industry

What are the Requirements?
Most companies will not hire an untrained designer.
A beginning Graphic Designer will probably need to obtain at least an associate's or a bachelor's degree to break into the field.
A degree in Graphic Design is offered at most specialty art schools and several traditional universities.
What is the job outlook?
What to expect...?
Graphic designers who work in an office setting generally work closely with other designers.
Designers normally work a set schedule, with the exception of overtime to meet certain deadlines; however, some freelance designers can set their own hours.
Designers often need to do repetitive activities, such as using a computer or drawing.
Why Design For Music?
By the time I go out into the world on my own, I know that I'll have to get a job. Music and art have always been two really influential things in my life, and I figured that, by mixing the two together, you couldn't go wrong. I want to make sure that I'll be happy in my work. I don't want to wake up every morning dreading my job. So, by picking something interesting that I can easily relate to, hopefully I'll be happy with the life I create.
What is Available?
CD Cover Art
Album Leafs
Gig and Tour Posters
Band Logos
And more...
But is that all...?
Graphic Designers generally need to be:

good with technology
adaptable to changing programs and technology
good with communication in order to keep up with clients and supervisors
good at working as a part of a team
organized and motivated
An average increase is expected for Graphic Designers.
It is expected to be a highly competitive industry, but job seekers with a degree and design experience will have the best chances.
Where will I work?
Graphic Designers can either work freelance where they are hired on a per-project basis or for a certain company where they are on-hand for any projects that may arise whether it be CD covers, merchandise, or advertising.
What is the Career Path?
Now that the designer has a degree, it's time to break into the industry.
Most designers won't start out making very much money. Many will simply start out making gig posters for local talent or designing a CD cover for a friend's band.

But Why Should I Design for Free?
As a designer is first starting out, offering free services to local talent is a great way to get experience and build up an impressive portfolio.
This portfolio will be an important asset in interviews later in life.

So What's Next?
Once the designer has an impressive display of work to show, they can apply for real jobs.
Most designer start out as a freelance artist before working their way into a full time job with one company.
Graphic Designers At Work
" Logos have a big job to do: they represent your company, convey your image, and greet customers on the face of your stationary and business cards. Choosing the right company logo design, and the right design firm, is one of the best things you can do to help your marketing efforts. "
" Good design encourages a viewer to want to learn more. "
"Design is about making things good (and then better) and right (and fantastic) for the people who use and encounter them."

"Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does."
David Carson
Nicki Jansen
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