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Annual Report 2012

Your help has brought hope and real change to some of the poorest people in the world. Find out how in our annual report for 2012


on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012
Your help has brought hope
and real change to some of the
poorest people in the world.
Thanks to you over 411,000 people received direct support to overcome hunger, poverty, war, natural disasters and disease with 3.5 million people benefiting in total.
SCIAF spent £2.9 million on
development programmes in
18 countries across Africa,
Latin America & Asia in 2012.
We've helped
provide a hand up
not a hand out....
...with support including
seeds, tools, access to
clean water, skills training
and small loans
SCIAF worked to build peace
in conflict zones and provided
care for families living with
We used over £1 million to give clean water, food, medicine and shelter to 275,000 people affected by disasters.
As well as responding to the urgent need
in the Sahel region of Africa, we continue to
support a total of 11 countries on the long road to recovery
The brand new £3million Climate Justice Fund was
a huge success for SCIAF and our supporters.
It will help some of the world's poorest communities
adapt to deal with climate change
Over 3,500 campaigners backed our calls for a Robin Hood Tax. This tiny tax on the finance industry would make a life changing difference to some of the world's poorest communities
Did you know???
11 countries are introducing the
Robin Hood Tax, sadly the UK is
yet to join the growing list
Scots got connected to the world
as our new website launched and
more people than ever joined our
journey on Facebook and Twitter
Volunteers and staff visited 128 schools
and 70 parishes across Scotland and visitors
from our projects in Nicaragua and India were
on hand to share their first-hand experiences
with SCIAF supporters.
The WEE BOX, BIG CHANGE Lent campaign
generated global headlines when superstar
Susan Boyle flipped pancakes on launch day.
Our Lent supporters raised £847,000, including
£582,000 from parishes.
SCIAF raised £5.3 million to support people in need.
Generous individuals, schools and parishes
helped us to raise a fabulous £3.9 million and
helped us achieve an extra £1.4 million from
‘institutional’ donors including the Scottish and
UK Governments, EU and Comic Relief.
Our WEE BOX, BIG CHANGE campaign focused on our partners APD in India
We'd like to introduce you
to some of our neighbours
across the globe
For every pound raised we spent 78p on
international programmes and emergencies,
12p on campaigning and education, and 10p
on fundraising.
Every £1 spent on fundraising generates a further £6.
Thank you to our volunteers. Over 200 of them gave us an estimated 13,000 hours of their time, helping us achieve more together while spending less.
To download a copy of our annual
report for 2012 please visit us at

Thank you for your support
Music by Scott Buckley
Images by:
Thomas Omondi
Sean Sprague
Simon Murphy
Stuart Wallace
Paul McSherry
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