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Paul Freire and Revolutionary Pedagogy for Social Justice: Freire as a Sextant for Change

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Evelyn Hart

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Paul Freire and Revolutionary Pedagogy for Social Justice: Freire as a Sextant for Change

Paulo Freire and Revolutionary
Pedagogy for Social Justice: Freire as a Sextant for Change Promethean Promises of Liberation? Freire="Embryonic Phantom Image Like a Che Guevara T-shirt"? Say what? "God led me to the people...and the people led me to...Marx" - Paulo Freire Navigating Change?
Turning to Freire? Educators
Agents of Change
OTHERS who want to CONSTRUCT HEGEMONY in NEW WAYS "Freire's aim is to simultaneously strike four keys in the struggle for social justice..." (Gibson, 1994) Freire is reified.
The mere mention of his name conjures RADICALISM, REVOLUTION in education.
He is beyond SHARP critique.
He has FEW public critics. Evelyn Marie Hart
Critical Perspectives in Curriculum & Instruction
November 26, 2012 THE FREIRE who defined RADICALISM

Designed educational programs in revolutionary Grenada.
Was key in developing Grenada's political programs as well.
Created mirror image campaigns in Guinea-Bissau too.
Advocated Promethean promises of liberation. By Rich Gibson http://richgibson.com/freirecriticaledu.htm Literary - "The way 'we read the word and the world'" (Gibson, 1994; Freire)
Critical Consciousness
National Economic Development - "Escalating economic production as people come to understand their surroundings." (Gibson, 1994)
Revolution - "Creation of liberation" (Gibson, 1994) Ramifications/Realizations for Educators?

"We can see, judge and act--and become nearly impenetrable to lies--if we follow the form and content of critical pedagogy he has conceived" (Dewitt, p. 238)
We will realize that Freire is a paradigm shifter who embraces postmodernism, Catholicism, Marxism and liberalism. http://richgibson.com/freirecriticaledu.htm And this means....what? Well... It means quite a bit! The absence of criticism of Freire's theoretical
foundation and social practice:

Allows his OWN COUNSEL--to develop a FULLY CRITICAL OUTLOOK for social change rooted in the examination of social applications--to be DENIED. http://richgibson.com/freirecriticaledu.htm Does this affect me as a teacher? OF COURSE it DOES! It SHOULD! Unfortunately... Freire is rarely historicized--denying a view of his life in Brazil, Chile, the U.S., Switzerland, etc.
Freire's work is easily and often stripped of its emancipatory political base it may hold and used as a rudimentary training method.
Freire is often "applied as a template upon reality by those who he actually urges to be crafty" (Gibson) Gibson, Rich. 1999. Paulo Freire and pedagogy for social justice. Theory and
Research in Social Education. Retrieved from http://richgibson.com/freirecriticaledu.htm .
Gibson, Rich. 1994. The Promethean literacy: Paulo Freire's pedagogy of Reading, Praxis
and liberation. (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/~rgibson/freirall.htm .
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