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Borrowed Time Watch Company

Borrowed Time Watch Company

Grace Hutchison

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Borrowed Time Watch Company

Borrowed Time Watch Company is our solution to the complicated world of luxury watch sales - a truly unique experience for those who demand more.

Our mission is to be the largest luxury watch company in the U.S., by being a valuable resource to our clients and embracing the idea that our company is at their service.

Watch Club
Concierge Sales & Service
Special Event Borrowing Find what makes you tick. Watch Club Growing Collection of Luxury Watches
Members Suggest & Vote on new additions
3 Membership options - include borrowing credits
Earn Borrowing Credits through Referrals

Purchasing Credit included with Membership
Earn 15% Purchasing Credit for borrowing
Sales discount on New & Certified Pre-owned Timepieces
Corporate Discount Available Enthusiast Membership An essential tool in everyman’s wardrobe, this simple option is great for the new watch enthusiast. Access to our collection plus 36 borrowing credits to use throughout the year. Credit Check: $14.95
Annual Registration: $500
Monthly Dues: $50
Borrowing Credit: 36 Days
Purchasing Credit: $150
Savings: 32% off average daily rate Executive Membership The perfect solution for today’s busy professional, access to our collection plus 120 days of on-demand borrowing to use throughout the year. Express your personal style and always have the perfect watch for your next meeting or trip. Credit Check: $14.95
Annual Registration: $1,500
Monthly Dues: $125
Borrowing Credit: 120 Days
Purchasing Credit: $250
Savings: 44% off average daily rate Collector Membership The guilty pleasure of today’s watch aficionado; personally delivered timepieces for an entire year. Wear what you want, when you want and discover the luxury of changing time. Credit Check: $14.95
Annual Registration: $3,000
Monthly Dues: $350
Borrowing Credit: 365 Days
Purchasing Credit: $500
Savings: 56% off average daily rate Concierge Sales Watch Service & Repair Our watchmakers have over 90 years combined experience, making no job too small or too big. Don't waste time worrying about where to get your watch repaired.

Convenient Pick-up & Drop-off Available
Luxury Loaner Available
Comprehensive Service - clean, oil and time movement, replace mainspring, gaskets and seals, refinish case and bracelet Luxury Loaner Program Borrowed Time is the first company to offer a Luxury Watch Loaner program while your watch is being serviced. Choose from a diverse selection of timepieces and ensure you never go without a luxury watch. Our concierge service is the perfect solution for today’s busy professional, alleviating the time and stress associated with the standard buying experience.

Convenient Personalized Meetings
Education on Brands, Pricing, and Trends
"Test-Drive" and alleviate buyer's remorse
Comprehensive 2-Year Warranty Available BORROWED TIME WATCH COMPANY Find what makes you tick. EXPERIENCE THE LUXURY OF CHANGING TIME & find what makes you tick. WATCH CLUB MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS
Concierge Charge: $500
Purchasing Credit $250
Test-Drive Experience: 5 Days (1-2 Watches)
*Each additional 5 day Test-Drive is $100 Special Event Borrowing The special event borrowing allows you to get the perfect timepiece for when you need it most. Think us as an extension of your own personal collection, so whether you need a watch for an important meeting, black-tie-event, special occasion, night out or just to wear something new and exciting, we are here to make it happen.
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