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Bullying Oral Presentation

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Lailah Kelly

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Bullying Oral Presentation

Bullying Oral Presentation
What can we do to stop bullying?
- Cyber Bullying can do major damage to adolescents and teenagers. It may lead to anxiety, depression and in some cases suicide.

"Wonder" is a story about a boy called August. August (Auggie) Pullman was born with a facial deformity that prevented him from going to a mainstream school. While August finally was to go to school, August had made friends with a boy called Jack Will. Jack betrayed him by saying mean things to his friends about August, I quote "If i looked like him, I think i would kill myself" from the book "Wonder". But also August was bullied by a boy Called Julian. Julian said mean things about August and bullied him during school. August didn’t want to go to school because of Julian and what he was doing to August.
Make a difference
The way you treat someone can
make a difference in their
everyday lives, even if it's good
or bad it can still make a
difference. We can break the
cycle for the victim and the perpetrator. We can stop bullying, we just have to face it head on, don't stand by and watch it happen! Help take a stand to bullying.
What can we do?
- We can encourage students to go tell
someone they trust, a teacher or even
their parents.
- Kids Helpline to go to for help.
- We can have more teacher on duty in
case anything happens.
- Instead of getting into physical fights,
talk the situation with the bully and
communicate with them.
We all remember when we were bullied and what it was like not wanting to go to school everyday. Don't let anyone else feel like that too. School school be a safe place!

We finally come to the
end of the presentation
about bullying, don't
stand by and watch
people get bullied.
1 in 3 people are bullied
over the internet every
year and every day more than 3.2 million students are being bullied at school worldwide.

Together we can stop bullying for good, not only in our school but in school all around Australia.
What is Bullying?
- Intimidation
- Aggressive Behavior
- Threats
- Physical Harm
- Teasing
The Beginning
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