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Chapter 3 Of Mice and Men Discussion

No description

Jill Swanson

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 3 Of Mice and Men Discussion

Of Mice and Men Chapter 3 Discussion 3 person groups.
Everyone has a voice.
Take notes on GREAT moments in your conversation that are worth repeating to the class. How does Lennie, sensitive by nature, reveal a violent streak while George tells the story of their future ranch? Find the quote on page 58. How does his statement fit into the events of this chapter? How does it add to the violent nature of the novel? Loyalty Think deeply, and be ready with an answer, because you may called upon at any time! Read the following passage, and the paragraphs before and after it on page 48. This is just one of the several images of silence that Steinbeck uses:
“His voice trailed off. It was silent outside. Carlson’s footsteps died away. The silence came into the room. And the silence lasted.”
Why does silence play an important role at this point of the novel? Who is literally being silenced here? And who is metaphorically being silenced? How? By what forces/people? What role does each character play in the silences of the whole book—not just this scene?
Throughout this novel, there
are many places where one set of
events echoes another. This parallelism
eventually draws our attention to some of
the themes of the story. At the start of Chapter 3, George and Lennie’s conversation echoes some of the events from the first chapter. What are some of the parallel things that happen/ways that the two behave with each other? At one point, George describes
playing jokes on Lenny but then he stopped. Why did he stop? What did we learn about the loyalty in George
and Lennie’s relationship? Pg. 40 Why should Candy have shot his dog instead of letting Carlson do it? Do you agree? Explain. Pg. 61 Explain how the theme of the struggle for survival against impersonal forces is highlighted by Candy’s story. Look at page 60, and think about Candy’s losses in this chapter. Are his fears realistic? How about his hopes?
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