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Development of Piano Music in China

No description

Frances Ho

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Development of Piano Music in China

Frances Ho Development of
Piano Music in China Four Periods: 1. Qing Dynasty- 1949: The Liberation

2. 1949-1966: People's Republic of China

3. 1966-1979: The Cultural Revolution

4. 1976- Present: Post Revolution The Liberation 1601- The harpsichord arrives
The Opium War forces the door open
National Conservatory of Music The Cultural Revolution Pass regulation
Praise: Mao
Communist Party
Chinese army People's Republic of China "Make the past serve the present and the Western things serve China."
Post Revolution Example The Flute of the Young Shepherd
(He Lu-Ding) Chinese- Pentatonic tune Western- Counterpoint Example Mermaid Suite
(Du Min-xin, Wu Zu-qian) "Greater, faster, better, and more economical results in building socialism." Chinese- Literature Western- Harmonies & Harmonic Changes Example Yellow River Piano Concerto
(Composer Group) Revolutionary Model Works Deng Xio-Ping's Open Door Policy New inspiration Example One Hundred Birds Pay
Tribute to the Phoenix
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