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Honor Killings

No description

Deborah Wagner

on 19 July 2016

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Transcript of Honor Killings

Why Jordan?
Honor Killings
Honor Killings
Immigration of cultures from the Middle Eastern Countries
Global Honor

Kurds' View:

Honor killings in non-Middle Eastern nations typically involve more torture.
In certain cultures, the killing of a relative, especially a girl or woman, who is perceived to have brought dishonor on the family.
Young Views:

Education and Beliefs:
Fleeing Country
A Quick View:
Women have more freedoms, education, employment and voting rights
The cities are allowing rich young singles to break gender barriers.
Traditional Families
Emergence of education on woman's issue but limited government control
Up until 2001 honor killings are lawful- unpublishable
2009 - court to prosecute, but new legislation is not changing attitudes
Most honor killings are acts on women
The average age of women killed is between 17 - 23
53% of honor killings are done to daughters/ sisters
About 25% of honor killings are done to wives or girlfriends
Fathers and brothers are the typical perpetrators
World wide 58% of honor killings occur because the family feels the girl is "too Western" and 42% are related to sexual impurity. (Chelser)
In Jordan:
Almost 1/2 of boys and 1 out of 5 girls believe honor killings are justifiable
6 of 10 teens interviewed from low levels of education agree with honor killings
1 of 5 teens who have had at least two relatives in higher education agree with it
Typically not a religious view, but a family belief
Reasons for Killing:

Men who kill:
Honor killings have taken place in most major religions like Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism.
Most say honor killings are an act of religion, but they are not written about in holy texts.
Early Baluch and Pashtun tribes brought honor killings to the Islamic society
A traditional honor killing is done with an axe or hatchet cutting the person to pieces.
42% of honor killings are completed in groups
Most of honor kills involve the youngest brother because he will traditionally have a shorter sentence if prosecuted
Canadian Story:

A man killed his three daughters and made it look like a car accident. Later the police found wire traps in the car. He was convicted and said "I am not ashamed they betrayed our honor and our creed."
In 2003 the Kurdish nation has passed laws to prosecute honor killings as murders and the charges are severe.
North America 1/3 of victims are tortured
In Europe it is 2/3!!
Radical Groups find new home
Woman who married a taxi driver left Pakistan. She was called back home. She and her two children were tossed off a roof.
“There is no political will to fight so-called honour crimes. The tribal mentality is the main driving force that makes this phenomenon spin out of control,” said Reem Abu Hassan, a leading women’s rights activist in the kingdom.

Jordan's Queen Rania is angered by honor killings, but the government has had little power to change popular beliefs
Sexual impurity
Premarital sex
Marriage without permission
Refusing to marry/ Father's will

"Dr. Mu'men Hadidi says 80% of cases where he conducts a hymenal exam, which is routine when a girl has gone missing, the same girl will be returned to him soon after as a corpse, even if she proved to be a virgin."
(woman caught in adultery) dishonor especially the men in the family even after death
Hope for Future
Ibn Abbas, quoted Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, as saying:
"Whoever has two or three daughters or sisters and treats them well will go to Paradise." (Abu Dawud)
Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was very kind and polite toward women. At a time when they were treated very badly, the Prophet gave women honor and dignity equal to men.
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