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Thinking about Film

No description

olivia bua-otema

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Thinking about Film

The meaning in films

(Run if you can) movie clip
The very first thing you see in this clip is of a man packing a bag full of money in a rush, this indicates to me that he is in a hurry to get out of where he is, and the heart beat sound that you heart straight from the start of this scene helps to give a sense of panic.
I believe that Sound in movies is just as important as visual in films, it allows the viewer to engage with the character and feel the emotions that the character is going through.

In the famous movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock( Genre horror/thriller)
in the shower scene when actress (Janet Leigh) gets stabbed in the shower, the Sound used gives a tense, dramatic, on the edge type of feeling to that particular scene. You know something bad is going to happen.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Jack Sparrow seems to be in a foreign location in this picture possible somewhere in Africa, he is surrounded by what seems to be voodoo objects and his position in the picture is directly in the middle with two tribal men which are acting as guards either side of him, this suggests to me that he is a man of importance and has power. He is dressed casually except for the head dress that he is wearing and his face is painted which shows that he has adapted to his surrounding.
The face expression shows that he is full of himself and his body language shows that he is comfortable and very confident. The lighting shows that the time of day could either be in the morning/midday as it is bright.
Costume, Hair, Make up
Setting & Props
The meaning behind camera movement
Face expression/ body language
The meaning of narrative
So what is a theory?
a theory is basically someones opinion and their view about a certain subjects
Reception Theory -: is all about everybody's individual perception of a movie, people will watch a movie and can relate form their own personal identities and have their own views, its all about how you as the viewer receive the movie
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