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Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

No description

Michele Li

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle (H.E.A.L.)
GOAL: To educate the youth about health and nutrition, leading to a healthy lifestyle

Mission Statement: To inform youth about healthier food choices that are available and allow them to have a choice to live healthy.

Goal 1: Develop at least 3 activities informing the youth about healthy eating and consequences of unhealthy eating throughout the year

Goal 2: Encourage at least 50% of the youth to consume less junk food within 3 months

Goal 3: Improve the variety of nutritious foods available at the Youth Center by 75%

Our Venture Idea:
Promote healthy eating and provide a healthy lifestyle for the community youth.

Our Inspiration:
-Realization of our bad habits
-Kids in our community behave in the same manner
-Prevent kids from resorting to unhealthy food options
-Choosing to eat healthy can lead to having a longer life span, feeling more energized, and feeling better about yourself.
How does our venture help the community?
The youth will be more capable of making healthier choices.
What does success look like?
The youth will be able to make healthier choices for themselves and desire to eat healthier. Kids will be more interested in cooking healthy alternatives for themselves.

Roles and Responsibilities

Weekly Rotations:
1. Cooking
2. Researcher
3. Activity Coordinator
4. Fundraiser
How to keep our venture going:

Recruiting new members?
-BCNC other youth leadership groups

How will you put new leaders in place when current leaders leave?
-Mix array of New and Old Members
-Old Members mentor newer members

How will you continue to fund this project once the Youth Venture seed funding grant is spent?
-Self-sustaining snack bar
-Bake sales, donations, grants

Months 1-2:
-Education & Research
-Create pre-survey & Activities

Months 3-5:
-Implement Snack Alternative ideas
-Activities & Cooking Contest(s)
-Weekly Challenges

Month 6:
-Re-iterate main ideas, evaluate success of youth venture
-Post surveys
-Last event(s)

Our Ally:
Victoria Yue
(Program Staff)
Thank you!

Presented by:
Youth Advisory Group
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