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Investigating Hurricane Katrina

This prezi is all about HURRICANE KATRINA.

Fatema Saleh

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Investigating Hurricane Katrina

Investigating Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina
Economic consequences of hurricane Katrina
USA was net importers of oil.Hurricane Katrina affected 19% of the us oil production it destroyed 113 oil and gas platforms and damaged 457 oil and gas pipe lines. So it caused to increase the price of oil and gas which caused a lot of damage to the economy of the US. And it also cause a lot of damage to Louisiana's sugar industry It was estimated that there were $500 million crops on that place. this place of Louisiana had 50 chemicals plants which was 25% of the nations chemical.This hurricane caused a lot of damage to the export commodities mainly cotton.

Tourism in new Orleans was affected a lot like Art Entertainment,
recreation,hotels,tourist spots etc. New Orleans was one of the most visited spots in U.S. are french quarter a internationally renowned restaurant, including a series of celebrations Marci grass, the new Orleans bowl,the sugar bowl, the new Orleans jazz had drawn thousands of tourist to the city.Before the hurricane Katrina, the city, tourism industry created 9.6 billion of tourists.But after the hurricane
it came down to 2.6 million tourist in 2006 and now 7.1 million tourist comes to visit new Orleans. So hurricane Katrina caused a lot of damage to the tourism industry of U.S
Economic consequences of hurricane Katrina
physical consequences of hurricane Katrina
Social Consequences of hurricane Katrina
property damages of hurricane Katrina
physical damage of hurricane Katrina
The event we are investigated is Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina happened because of moisture and heat from the ocean that formed huge storm clouds moved by swirling winds.

Hurricane Katrina hit the united states in 23rd august 2005,it hit the south east of the united states such as Florida ,Cuba,new Orleans,,Louisiana,, Mississippi etc.

The impact of hurricane Katrina in the united states was big a lot of the cities were damaged economically,physically and socially especially the city of new Orleans it was estimated that 80% of new Orleans was under water up to 20 feet deep in some places,
Hurricane Katina caused a lot of damages to the economy of the US the main damages are written below:
Physical consequences of hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina destroyed hundreds of acres of green spaces like gardens and parks.Thousands of greens were blown and were badly damaged .Lots of wildlife were killed due to heavy rain and strong wind.The storm caused oil spills throughout southeastern Louisiana which resulted in over 7 million US gallons of oil being leaked , some oil entered the ecosystem and some town was flooded with a blend of water and oil.Besides oil spills 20% of the local marshes were permanently overturn . So this hurricane made a lot of damage to the physical features of the US.But mainly it affected Mississippi's, New Orlean's and Louisiana's physical features.

physical consequences of hurricane Katrina
Economic consequences of hurricane Katrina
social consequences of hurricane Katrina
maps of hurricane Katrina
video of Hurricane Katrina
Done by
Fatema A.
Fatema S.

A lot of people became financially poor as they lost their homes and jobs.
It affected over 15 million people in different factors such as gas prices economy,drinking water,food evacuation.
33 thousand people were rescued from their flooded homes.
All this damages would not have happened if the people have paid importance to the warning of the hurricane.
social consequences of hurricane katrina
The social impact of hurricane left the people homeless ,stranded and unemployed. The effects on the people was devastating.Food and freshwater was so scarce that people were forced to the streets which resulted in violence,racial aggression,theft and murder.A lot of families were also separated.
1836 people died in the hurricane
705 people are still missing
It caused 8.1 billion property damage
275,000 houses were destroyed
35,000 people lost their jobs,because of huge effect of hurricane Katrina on the economy of U.S .
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