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Unlocking the ACT

No description

Brooke Cunningham

on 10 August 2015

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Transcript of Unlocking the ACT

Test Overview
•Fundamental grammar, usage, punctuation, diction, and rhetorical skills.
What to take with you:
• Admission Ticket (mailed or online)

• Pencils no 2. (eraser and pencil sharpener?)

• Photo ID

• Snack (Healthy!)

• Watch

• Calculator – square root, no noise or computer algebra system

Special Circumstances
Extended Time
• Each test receives a scale score from 1 to 36.
What am I expected to know?
Unlocking the ACT
Thank you!









216 Questions is 205 minutes
3 hours and 25 minutes of testing
You get one, ten minute break between the math and reading tests.
Generally, it takes 4 – 4.5 hours.
Don't Bring
cell phone or scratch paper
Braille, Large Print, and Audio Versions
Non-Saturday Testing
DANTES - Active Military Personnel
Must Apply Beforehand
• Composite score is the average of these four.
• English Math and Reading receive subscores between 1 and 18. These don’t necessarily add up to the scale score; they just show how you did on certain aspects of the tests.
• Writing – You get an writing subscore from 2-12 (the sum of the scores you receive from the two graders). You get a combined English/Writing score that ranges from 1 to 36. This scores is 2/3 English, 1/3 writing. This score does not get factored into your composite.
• Percentile – how you did in relation to others
understand sentence construction – what makes a run-on and what makes a fragment
distinguish between commonly confused words like affect and effect
use the proper forms of words
distinguish between and adjectives and adverbs
differentiate a comma and a semicolon.
For example
• Math – arithmetic, geometry, and algebra (plus a little bit of trig - 4 questions)
• Reading – read quickly and answer questions
• Science – passages, diagrams, and charts related to chemistry, biology, botany, physics
• Writing – thesis, organization, and support
UT and the ACT
• Either ACT or SAT (UT does not require the essay). We use the super scoring method of combining test scores into a new composite score.
Last year's incoming class - Their average ACT score was 27, and seven freshmen had perfect ACT scores.
General Assembly Merit Scholarship
$1,000 above the HOPE
3.75 GPA and 29 ACT
University Scholarship
$1,500 per year
3.5 GPA and 27 on the ACT (minimum)
Volunteer Scholarship
$6,000 per year
3.65 Core GPA and 32 ACT

Score of 30 - 36
Score of 24 - 29
Score of 18 - 23
Score of 12 - 17
Score of 6 - 11
Score of 5 or Below
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