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The Testing Summary

No description

Kori Barber

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of The Testing Summary

Written by Joelle Charbonneau
Summary by Kori Braber

The Testing Summary
However, only certain people are chosen for this task. Out of hundreds of sixteen year-olds, she must stand out. Anxious and worried, she heads to graduation hoping to be chosen to test and be part of the working class. Unfortunately, her name was never called.

Later she returns home and sits down for a meeting with some of her friends. Magistrate Owens announces that she and her friends have been chosen to participate in the Testing.

He father warns her about the horrors of the test, but it is too late to back down now.
Malencia Vale, a sixteen year old, believes she is about to graduate high school and begin working.
During the third test, Cia must not trust anyone.
Malencia and some friends she meets up with
walk, run, and bike to the end passing the test.
The second assessment focuses on how well candidates work under pressure. “All wrong answers have consequences.” Malencia watches as several of her friends die hoping to accomplish their dreams.

Michal takes the group to the Testing Center. They take their bags to their assigned room after learning about the test.
The assessment contains four parts.
The first tests how much the candidates know about math, science, reading, and the history of their colony. Each written test takes several hours to complete. After the time is up, pencils must be put down.

For the final test, the candidates much walk back to Tosu City fighting against other candidates and nature.
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