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Ayse.kay volcano

No description

guildford public

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Ayse.kay volcano

Ayse.kay volcanoes
the structure of a volcano
the thing that makes a volcano a volcano are a crater, magma, lava, layers, magma chamber and vents
why dose magma come out of the volcano
the magma comes to the surface by pushing the rocks out of the of the way so that the lava can flow down the volcano. the magma pushes the rocks by the pressure from underneath the volcano.
The Way out
The three types of volcanoes
There are three types of volcanoes they are active,dormant and extinct an active volcano is a volcano that is going to erupt a dormant volcano is a volcano that is going ton erupt soon and a extinct volcano is a volcano that is never going to erupt and again
what are volcanoes ?
A volcano is a cone shaped mountain made of rocks and when a volcano erupts it gets more layers because the lava the flows down the volcano hardens and becomes a layer.
active volcano
dormant volcano
extinct volcano
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