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The Brain

No description

Zoe Olivo

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of The Brain

The Brain
By: Zoe Olivo, Ashley Briseno and KC Rodriguez 4A
Frontal Lobe
manages decision making, problem solving, control of behaviors, consciousness, and emotions.
Join ballet because it stimulates consciousness. This happens because complex thinking is required and enables the mind to control the body in complicated ways.
Join Tae Kwon Do because it teaches you to maintain mental, emotional, and behavioral self-control. It allows you to stay calm and act suitably under pressure.
Join Ping Pong because quick mental skills are required. Ping Pong amplifies the planning and decision-making function of the rfontal lobe. The power to focus and concentrate is also enhanced.
Participate in Zumba because it intensifies the creativity function of the frontal lobe. This means it gives you freedom to develop and grow, plan and choreograph new dance moves.
Ways to Strengthen the Frontal Lobe
The brain can do so much more than its physiological functions
Mindset is the reason why so many of the world's greatest talents became successful
The brain and your talents don't decide your succcesses in life; your mindset does!

Mindset Definition
Parietal Lobe
processes sensory such as taste, temperature, and touch
Ways to Strengthen the Parietal Lobe
Present yourself with new numbers and techniques which will benefit your visual perception. A perfect example of this exercise would be to find the number of times "6" appears in the bottom pictures.
Corpus Callosum
links both cerebral hemisphes and allows the sides to intercommunicate
Fixed Mindset
In a fixed mindset, a person believes that their qualities, such as their talents or intelligence are merely fixed traits
They are "born this way"
People who are like this tend to show off their skills instead of develop them

True or False?
Talent leads to success.
Ways to Strengthen the Corpus Callosum
Pituitary Gland
Read more and more. Although reading the same caliber books over and over is easier, the trick to strengthening the corpus callosum is to read more difficult books as time passes.
Occipital Lobe
Growth Mindset
receives visual input from the retina
It controls the hormones in your body.
Ways to increase the Pituitary Gland
Ways to Strengthen the Occipital Lobe
The concept of Mindset was discovered by Carol Dweck of Stanford University
She came up with the theory of fixed and growth mindset
Everyone has both a fixed and growth mindset, but its how we use it that makes all the difference in our daily lives
A person with a growth mindset believes that that through hard work and determination most basic abilities can be developed
Talent and brains are merely a starting point
They are eager to learn and gain new knowledge
All great people have these a qualities
A recognition of how the brain really works
In a fixed mindset, one avoids challenges and fears failure
A person with a growth mindset, however accepts challenges and sees failure as an opportunity to reflect and improve
We retrieve this kind of thinking at a very young age
With this type of thinking, the majority of our behavior,the way we handle failure and stress and ultimately our happiness is developed
Why waste time proving over and over how great you are, when you could be getting better? Why hide deficiencies instead of overcoming them? - Carol Dweck
Temporal Lobe
Area of the brain responsible for hearing and memory
Ways to Strengthen the Temporal Lobe
You can do puzzles where you have to look carefully in order to solve
Engage in Cardiorespiratory Exercise(Aerobics) it can increase your attention efficinecy and improve cognitive funtions
Playing fast-paced video games can also increase attention span as well as playing word games such as crossword puzzles
You can't really increase it
Nerve Fibers in the brain that connect the lobes that of the midbrainm medulla and cerebrum
How to Strengthen the Pons
Like the Pituitary Gland, there is not much you can do to improve the Pons
Lowest part of the brain that controls autonomic function, coordination of body movements & relays nerve signals between the brain & spinal cord
How to strengthen the medulla
Stay Alive!!
Because the medulla controls all functions neccessary to live, there's not much to do to strengthen it
Responsible for balance & coordination of the muscles & body
How to Strengthen the Cerebellum
Do balancing exerciese to improve your cerebellum
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