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12 Angry men on juror 2

No description

anthony gomez

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of 12 Angry men on juror 2

The name of juror 2 is Kevin Geer. Juror 2 is new to all of this because he never been a jury at all. Juror two is a banker. He is an all american white person. That was raised in New York City. That this case is murder in first degree. If they fine him guilty he go straight to the electric chair. In the begging he said that he is guilty later on in the story he said not guilty. Juror 2 is more quite and just listen to everybody, but when he want to say something he does.
Important Info
Juror 2 name is Kevin Geer. His job in New York City is a banker. Kevin never been a jury before.He is nervous and scared. He is an all american white person. He live during 1957. He live in new york city. He just flow the crowd.He is more quite and just listen them.In the begging he flow the crowd and say guilty and later on in the story he would have the guts just to not guilty.
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Juror Description Form
12 Angry men
By Anthony Gomez

Juror 2: You said we could throw out all the other evidence.
The reason this was a important quote from juror 2. Is that they use all the other Providence to try and persuade them. they could not do anything else with it. Then getting closer to the end they found another clue and juror three said what about the other evidence and try just to use something for him to help him. When he was the one saying that it a hang jury because they use all the evidence there nothing else to persuade them to not guilty or guilty.
Important Quotes
Juror 2 is more of a quite and keep to him self.He just flow the crowd.If you would to ask readers who had the shortest line, or who will you forget first in the story they would say juror 2.There reason why is because he a shy person.In this story he is not really an important character. He is more of a side character they would just use he rally.When they did it was short and quick.
Juror Analysis
let people tell him what right and wrong
Juror to is shy. In the begging he is all quite. In the begging he just followed the crowd and say guilty. He doesn't have a big opinion in hear.When the conflicts and he stay in there more he starts to become he self.
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