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Thank you Lindsay

...from your NCBI Conference Planning Team!

Dana Dominguez

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Thank you Lindsay

Thank you Lindsay for always setting the example of leadership that bridges compassion, inspiration, encouragement, humility, vulnerability, and generosity with learning. You are truly a: Thank you indsay for your authentic leadership and care for everyone involved in the conference planning and in attendance at the conference.
I appreciate how you modeled “saying yes” – and with joy – by agreeing to take on the Herculean task of hosting the conference only a few months before it was to happen. And I love that despite being the coordinator and host, we still saw you throw yourself into being a participant at the conference with your whole . Thank you for your for your Lindsay, To the amazing and brilliant Lindsay: Lindsay, Lindsay, -Laura Lindsay- for your amazing Thank you for your and always being understanding of where we are coming from before we enter a meeting. I appreciate that you always check in on us to see how we are doing and give us time to process. Thank you for embodying the spirit of the NCBI principles in all of your interactions with our community. You are an exceptionally talented leader and bring so much wisdom, patience, intentionality, and heart to your work. It is clear you have found your calling in this vital work. You are such a and person. When I grow up I want to be just like you. Thank you for your unflagging commitment to healing the world. You demonstrated grace and such admirable poise throughout the event. Your campus showcase was one of my highlights, simply because you were able to beautifully articulate the fabulous job you have done with our affiliate. I’m honored to learn from you. It is no secret that you are good at what you do and even better at how you empower us all to be good at what WE do. I so appreciate all the support and love you've given me during this dueling conference-planning experience, and I hope you know what an incredibly BRILLIANT leader you are, and that your humanity, love, and wisdom softly, but strongly commands a willing presence of those who want to learn from you and heal humanity along beside you. It's so inspiring to see how you are leaving such a beautiful mark on this world each and every day. -Becky LEADERSHIP Lindsay, Warmly,
Brad -Jefri thoughtful kind - Amanda Lindsay, Your principled leadership of the UI’s NCBI Affiliate is inspiring and lead to the overwhelming success of the NCBI Campus Conference. - Jodi - Amy Words cannot describe the work that you do, but I am going to try anyway. You are caring, you are kind, and you are excellence. Your ability to make people feel included and to be a part of a community is a
It has been an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you, being in relation with you, and be in the moment with you. - brian Lindsay, Thank you for your leadership and organization in orchestrating a highly successful EVENT. -Dana Lindsay, urturing olleague who efriends nclusivity -Val "Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions." - Anonymous -Georgina From:
your NCBI Conference Planning Team
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