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Critical Thinking

No description

Billy Joel Reniva

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking
Why Critical Thinking?
The Problem
Egocentric Thinking

"It's true because I believe it."
"It's true because I want to believe it."
"It's true because I have always believed it."
(Paul & Elder, 2006)
Essential Intelectual Traits
Intellectual Humility
Intellectual Courage
Intellectual Empathy
Intellectual Autonomy
Intellectual Integrity
Intellectual Perseverance
(Paul & Elder, 2006)
Critical Thinking defined...
Recognizing an issue exists, analyzing information, evaluation, and making conclusions (Settersten & Lauer, 2004).
Art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it (Paul & Elder, 2006).
Critical Thinking and Nursing Process
Clinical Decision-Making
Clinical decision-making skills separate professional nurses from technical and ancillary staff.

Nurses need to seek knowledge, act quickly, and make sound clinical decisions.
Critical Thinking Requirements
Ability to ask questions
Be well informed
Be honest in facing personal bias
Be willing to reconsider and think clearly about issues
Without these dispositions, sound critical thinking is unlikely to occur
Developing Critical Thinking
Critical Reflection: Journal Writing
Concept Mapping
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