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No description

Juliana Brittis

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Welcome!

The Ursuline School
Back to School Night
Intro to Computers
What We'll Cover...
How I Got Here
Student's Curriculum
Moodle & You
Ms. Juliana Brittis--My Education
The Ursuline School
Class of 2006
Sacred Heart University
Class of 2010
Bachelor of Arts: Media Studies
The New School
Master of Arts: Media Studies
Master Thesis:
"The Manifestation of Narcissism Through Facebook"
Class of 2012
Ms. Juliana Brittis--Post-Graduation
Sacred Heart University
Professor of Media Studies
Fall 2011-Present
Media Culture and Theory CM 101
Magazine Writing and Publication CM 326
Design for Publications CM 230

The Ursuline School
Technology Teacher
Fall 2013-Present
Intro to Computers for Grades 6-9
Course: 490 – Technology 9
Duration: 1 Year
Text: Microsoft Office 2013 – Fundamentals
(Hunt & Cemens)

Unit on Information Literacy (ldesigned to teach students the research skills necessary to locate, validate, and evaluate Internet information. )

Students will hands-on experience in various software applications—word processing (Word), spreadsheet (Excel), presentation (PowerPoint), as well as Google Apps for Education.

Students will learn how to use MOODLE (Ursuline’s course management system to access. course resources, submit assignments; Glossary; Discussion Forums …)

Description: This introductory course is designed for 9th grade students. Students will be introduced to the use of a laptop and/or tablets in a classroom setting.

The Ursuline School – Computer

Course: 490 – Technology 9
Duration: 1 Year
Text: Microsoft Office 2013 – Fundamentals
(Hunt & Cemens)

Brief Overview

Students will learn how to use MOODLE (Ursuline’s virtual learning environment).
-Download course resources and upload various assignments
-Use advanced features (e.g. glossary, discussion forums, polling …) utilized throughout the curriculum

-Students will learn File and folder management and learn to back up critical data to various storage devices (including Google Drive)
-Students will operate within the user interface, including command short cuts & dialog boxes.

Information Literacy
Students complete a unit relative to information literacy which incorporates
College preparatory web-research tools (e.g. subscription databases, Internet directories, utilization of search engines…)
Anatomy of web-sites (e.g. URLs & domain name suffixes …)
Citation and bibliography creation using MLA Seven standards …

Software Applications
Students are given hands-on experience in various software applications including:
word-processing (Word), spreadsheet (Excel), presentation (PowerPoint), as well as Google Apps for Education.
Formatting documents; Headers & Footers; Bullets & Numbering
Custom tabs & tables
Building presentations
Slide shows & special effects
Clip art, video and sound
Formulas & data charts
Cloud collaboration with docs, presentations & sheets…

Ms. Juliana Brittis
Phone: (914) 406-6024
Email: brittisj@ursulinenewrochelle.org
Digital Citizenship
The appropriate and responsible use of the Internet
Digital Footprint
Online Reputation
Media Literacy
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