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Clowning and Exaggerating Ads

No description

Alyssa Jackson

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Clowning and Exaggerating Ads

Clowning and Exaggerating Ads
what clowning and exaggeration ads are ?
Clowning and exaggeration ads are commercials or billboard ads that that show pictures that have nothing to do with the ad its self.
Axe Ads
In this ad they are advertising Axe for men and they are saying that when you use it you will get the Ladies ?
Perfume Ads
in this add they are selling perfume and the girl is rubbing the perfume bottle on herself with makes no sence beacase you are suppost to spray it
Apollo Axe Ad
This Apollo Axe Ad make no sense too because they are advertising about a body wash and all you see at the end there is a astronaut and the girl runs to him becuase of his smell and the lifeguard was beating up a shark ?
Perfume Ads
Pepsi commercials
pepsi commercials are always using girls in their ads such as beyonce (etc) they would use celeberties to get peoples attention for the ad
Bud Light Commercial

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