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02.07 East Asia: Medieval Japan Assessment

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Timothy Keyes

on 3 January 2016

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Transcript of 02.07 East Asia: Medieval Japan Assessment

02.07 East Asia: Medieval Japan Assessment
Post Card 1
Hey all back home! I finally arrived in Japan and might I say it's very different here than at home! It's so beautiful here. I've heard from many that Japan is much more peaceful now that they have a new emperor, Kammu. Did you guys know that Japan is Buddhism, and they adopted their belief from China! It's so cool oover here, I wish you guys were here with me. I've asked many of the locals how they feel about the new emperor, Kammu, and it seems like they enjoy him! Since Kammu's rule, arts (like poetry and paintings) have been thriving! I pretty cool thing I've learned since my arrival in Japan is at women have gained more rights, such as the right to learn how to read and write Japanese! I'm learning so much stuff while I'm here. This might interest you, Japan's symbol is a Samurai! This is because Samurai's represent courage and honor. Which the people of Japan hae a lot of. I'm sure you want to know some popular places here in Japan, I've been to a couple! Like Neh theater and Zen Buddhism! So many cools things in Japan! I look forward to the rest of my time here!
Assignment By: Timothy Keyes

Mrs. McKinley
FLVS 9th Grade

Post Card 2
Well, I'm nearing the end of my trip here in Japan, and I've learned so many exciting things that I can't wait to tell you about! Things here in Medieval Japan are going great! Did you hear of what happened in 1206 C.E.? Well, a mongol named Genghis Khan attempted to overthrow the world! This event expanded their empire from Poland and Russia to China and Korea! Pretty crazy right. Japan claims that the cold weather is what helped them win the battle. But in the end they were left a very economically poor country. There's now some tension between China and Japan; where Japan refuses to buy anything Chinese made. And then the Ashikaga period rolled in and Ashikaga shogunate decided to leave the imperial government with no remaining power. So many things have happened since I sent my last postcard, for example Bushido code and Zen Gardens have become very popular. Then there was a long battle in which the Daimyo Leaders were killed and Christianity was destroyed. Japan decided to isolate itself for 200 years after this. A new theater was opened called the Kabuki; it became very popular and it included entertainment for those in the higher classes. I can't wait to see you guys and tell you more!
Genghis Khan's Troops During Battle
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