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how much land does a man need? cadell

No description

kiahana perez

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of how much land does a man need? cadell

How Much Land Does A man Need Plot Structure Intro Rising Action Climax Falling Resolution Conclusion The elder sister and younger sister fought over which is better, city life or peasant life. When Pahom realizes that he can have as much land as he needs. He buys more and more land and a tradesman comes and tells him that he can buy land from the Bashkirs for 1,000 roubles a day. When he visited the Bashkirs, he gave gifts and received special treatment. He slept with dreams of the devil laughing at his dead body. Pahom's greed brought him to his death and his servant buried him. Six feet was all he needed. What is the theme of this story? The theme of this story is that greed can take over your actions until you lose everything and in this case your life.

"If I had plenty of land , I shouldn't fear the devil himself!" (Tolstoy P.2) This picture represents how tempting a deal with the devil is and shows that not every deal is a good one. The song explains how the devil made a deal with the main character but in the song the man wins. The song The picture our short story The story starts out with two sisters and they are discussing temptations then Pahom(the main character) who thinks that if he had enough land he wouldn't even fear the devil himself. So the devil tempts him with land but he is never happy with what he has so he buys more and land but is never happy. One day a traveler tells him of the bashkir who will give you land for a reasonable price of 1000 roubbles a day as long as you can walk the perimeter of it and be back to the starting point before sunset. So he goes and finds the bashkirs and sell him the land under the conditions the travelers told him so he starts to walk the perimeter for a while but he starts to realize that the sun is setting so he runs as fast as he can but he gets too tired and dies and earns only six feet. Just enough to bury him. Symbolism The dollar bill has a huge impact in the story How Much Land Does A Man Need. The dollar bill relates to the story because Pahom wanted more and more land and its similar to wanting more and more money. Questions 1) Consider the meaning of materialism.
2) Consider the meaning of temptation and discuss with evidence what it mean to the sisters.
3) Would you consider striving for more and more, even if you have what you need? Characterization Direct: Devil
Indirect: Merchant
Flat: Pahom's Servant
Round: Pahom
Dynamic: Pahom
Static: Merchant Tone There was really only one tone int he story how much land does a man need. the tone was greed. Pahom was discontent with what he had so he moved to get more land. Therefore that was the main tone of the story. Point of view The story how much land does a land need was told in third person omniscient.So if the story is told in third person omniscient this means the reader of the story knows all. By Leo Tolstoy Presented by: Kiahana Perez, Mark Paradise, and Grant Sigafoose Figurative Language Simile- "The land was so good, he said, that rye sown on it grew as high as a horse" Foreshadowing- 'All right' thought the Devil.'We will have a tussel i'll give you enough land; and by means of that land I will get you in to my power.' personification- 'The heat made the air hazy: it seemed to be quivering' this is foreshadowing because it is showing that the devil will have a part later on in the story this is a simile because it is comparing the rye to the height of a horse this personification because it is giving the air the human quality of quivering
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