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Marie Louise Gay

No description

Jane Sayers

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Marie Louise Gay

Title: Good Morning Sam
Mood: Sibling Relationship
Grade: K - 3
Title: Caramba
Mood: Differences/Persistence
Theme: Everyone is good at something.
Grade level: K - 3
Marie Louise Gay
Born: June 17th, 1952
Lives in: Montreal
Family: Married with two children

Title: The Christmas Orange
Mood: Sharing/Opinions
Theme: Giving is better than Receiving
Grade: K-3
Title: Stella Fairy of the Forest
Mood: Exploration
Theme: Explore the unknown
Grade: K - 3

Title: Stella Queen of the Snow
Mood: curiosity
Theme:Sibling relationship
Grade level: K - 3
Lesson Ideas
Introduction to a winter theme
First snow storm - questioning
Predictions in the story.
Introducing weather/seasons
Caramba is a cat who can not fly like all the other cats. He practices and still can not fly. After his friends try to help him fly he falls into water. This is where he learns he is an excellent swimmer and none of his friends are.
All about The Christmas Orange
A young boy is upset with Santa and decides to take him to court. Santa gets upset with the people and this boy and quits his job. What will the boy do? He will make Santa feel happy about Christmas again
Lesson Ideas
Students learn about debating
Students could make lists
Students could write essays or editoral about an issue
Connection to Christmas
How does she prepare as a writer?
She carries note paper and a sketch pad with her at all times.
Title: Please, Louise!
Mood: sibling rivalry
Theme: Sibling relationships
Grade Connections: K - 3
Blog: http://perseusbookspromos.com/books/marielouisegay.com/
Leaderpost interview
National Post interview
Lesson Ideas
Write a letter as Caramba to his grandparents about being able to swim.
Write a story of what Caramba will do now that he can swim.
Stella Queen of the Snow
Stella's brother Sam is seeing his first snowstorm occur. He has lots of questions so Stella takes Sam outside to explore the great winter outdoors. Stella has very unique way of answering her brother's questions.
Stella Fairy of the Forest
Sam and Stella are up for another adventure as Sam asks questions about fairies and the great outdoors. Sam and Stella go on an adventure through the forest. Sam surprises Stella with a few answers and thought of his own while they explore the forest.

Lesson Ideas
Introduction to a Science Inquiry unit before a KWL chart
Research project on a wild animal that lives in the forest

Always seems to start drawing a picture before she starts to put words down and create a story line.
Marie Louise did not start drawing like most illustrator do. When she was in the third grade she failed art and was told she could not draw. Marie was discouraged from drawing or doing any type of form of art.
At 17 years old Marie found her passion as she discovered purple pigs flying across math questions and rabbits skating across her Latin verbs.
Title: Willy Nilly
Mood: quirky and whimsical
Theme: Becareful what you wish for
Grade Connection: K -3

It is Willy Nilly's 7th birthday and he finds a present that he opens while he is waiting for his guests. In the gift is The Great Book of Magic and Willy loves magic. While he is waiting for his party to start he tries a little magic and ends up turning his friends into animals. Willy must learn how to turn them back into people.
Lesson Ideas
Journal Entries about birthday/magic/etc.
Learn about non-typical jobs (research project)
Use as a tell/re-tell story, could have student do visual representations

Lesson Ideas
Journal entries
Connections to losing something or someone
A story about you and your siblings adventures
Please, Louise!
Jake is annoyed by his sister Louise who is always bothering him and one day he wishes she was a dog. And all of a sudden Louise is gone. Jake searches all day and later finds out she is not the dog thats been following him around but Louise was at a friend's.
Good Morning Sam
Sam wakes up and wants to get dressed by himself. He tries to get ready all by himself but he needs help from his sister. Sam insists that he is able to get ready all by himself but still knows when to ask for help.
Lesson Ideas
Kindergarten teaching them to do things by themselves.
Discussion about routines
Making charts/lists about routines

List of Books
Stella Star of the Sea
Willy Nilly
Lizzy's Lion
Stella Queen of the Snow
Stella Princess of the Sky
Good Morning Sam
Good Night Sam
Travels with my Family
Stella Fairy of the Forest
What are you doing, Sam?
Angel and the Polar Bear
Rabbit Blue
Three Little Pigs
Fat Charlies Circus
Mademoiselle Moon
On my Island
Midnight Mimi
Stella A Treasury
Read Me A Story Stella
Moonbeam on a Cats Ear
Dreamsare More Real Than Bathtubs
Rainy Day Magic
Roslyn Rutabaga and the biggest hole on earth
Caramba and Henry
On the Road Again
Summer in the City
When Stella was very very small
Please Louise

Rainy Day Magic (1987) - Governor General's Award for English Language Children's Illustration
Moonbeam On A Cat's Ear (1987) - The Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award
Rainy Day Magic (1998) - The Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award
Yuck, A Love Story (2000) - Governor General's Award for English Language Children's Illustration
New York Public Library’s 100 Books for Reading and Sharing, 2012, Summer in the City (with David Homel)
Amelia Howard Frances Gibbon Award, 2011, Roslyn Rutabaga and The Biggest Hole on Earth!
Illustration Award Trois-Rivières Book Festival, 2011, Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth!
CBA Libris Award, 2010, When Stella Was Very,Very Small
Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award, 2008, Please Louise! (written by Frieda Wishinsky)
Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Award, 2006, Caramba
Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award, 2006, Caramba
Alvine-Bélisle Award, 2005, Stella, Princesse de la Nuit
Governor General’s Award, short-listed, 2004, Stella, Princess of the Sky
Governor General’s Award, short-listed, 2002, Stella, Fairy of the Forest
TORGI Award, Talking Book of the Year Award, 2001, Stella, Queen of the Snow
Elisabeth Mrazik Cleaver Award, 2001, Stella Queen of the Snow
Mr. Christie’s Book Award, 2000, Stella, Star of the Sea
Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Award, 2000, Stella, Star of the Sea
Editoral Illustrator
Loves that as a writer can create the depth and emotion of a character through illustrations and words.
Wrote two stories with her husband about traveling because they love to travel together as a family.
Title: Angel and The Polar Bear
Mood: Imagination
Theme: Dreams can feel very real.
Grades: K-3
Angel and the Polar Bear is about a girl named Angel who wakes up to the ocean in her house. She explores and imagines everything she would see if she lived in the ocean.
Lesson Ideas
Journal writing
Story writng
Building characters
Stella and Sam are TV Stars!!
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