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The "PS"

DTActionLab: School Locker Design (PBnJ)

Andrew Standen-Raz

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of The "PS"

"big blue":
standard 12 by 12 by 72
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The "PS"
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
1. lock automatically opens with the student's ID card
2. made out of recycled plastic - environmentally friendly, offers cool shapes/colours
3. more fun, stylish shape than boring square/rectangle
bulky backpacks
bulky textbooks
crowd control
winter clothes
sports equipment
special projects,
ie. science, film...
Chris Cymerman, a sixth-grader at Rosa Parks, does not have a Big Blue. He said of the smaller lockers, "They jam all the time, and they can't fit all my stuff, and I have to kick it to close it half the time."
Dimensions are ultimately dictated by space. There's not enough hallway in the typical school to fit 1,000 lockers wider than about a foot apiece, Song said.
"We have found that width seems to be more desirable than height," said Paul Regnier, Fairfax schools.
"We've found leather jackets, brand-new tennis shoes, Christmas presents in June, crusty brownie pans, fuzzy, moldy lunches, you name it," said Carole Goodman, a longtime middle school administrator who is now principal of Blake High School in Silver Spring. "To me, it's a management issue."
DISCOVER DESIGN: a student design experience
S Design a new school locker
Prison's Metal Lockers Replaced With Plastic
after two inmates used knives fashioned from the lockers to attack a third inmate
Whyte believed in the perseverance and sanctity of public spaces. For him, small urban places are “priceless,” and the city street is “the river of life…where we come together.”
Why Urbanism Needs To Return To Observation
Too often...Urban Planners ignore behavior and the city gets distilled down to maps, drawings, renderings, codes and ordinances, and other paper representations. We get caught up in the shapes, the lines, the language, and the model universe of cities that we forget about the “flava” of it all. Most of our time is spent at a desk getting to know our area through a computer screen.
William H. Whyte:
“People tend to sit where there are places to sit.”
Whyte's method was simple. He filmed stuff. He documented real life and pointed out behaviors to show how people interacted with the built environment and how they collide with one another.
How to Live in a City
George Stoney & Eugene Ruskin
01. School Lockers
Trivial machines: (i) synthetically determined; (ii) independent of the past; (iii) analytically determinable; (iv) predictable. (von Foerster)
A trivial machine is defined by the fact that it always bravely does the very same thing that it originally did
Zoe Bulitt, an eighth-grader at Rosa Parks, said she "can't even bring my winter jacket, or my locker will probably get jammed." So she often leaves it at home, to the distress of her mother.
02. Children
Non-trivial machines: (i) synthetically determined; (ii) dependent on the past; (iii) analytically determinable; (iv) unpredictable. (von Foerster)
Non-trivial machines have ‘inner’ states (Figure 3). ¶ In each operation, this inner state changes, so that when the next operation takes place, the previous operation is not repeated, but rather another operation can take place.

Students Say Locker Size is Cramping Their Style
Scott Howard, a sales manager with locker seller Cisco-Eagle Inc. in Dallas.

"There are four, five major locker manufacturers in the country, and they've all been making them for a million years, and they really haven't changed," he said.
03. School:
A trivialization institute, so that the child, when one asks ‘how much is 2 times 3’ doesn’t say ‘green’ or ‘that’s how old I am’ but rather says, bravely, ‘six.’ And so the child becomes a reliable member of our society
Interior design desires
exterior design
outside the box inspirations A
what we've tried
where we are
urban planning
issues with safety, vandalism, ease of use, function over style, misuse...
what happens when trivial & non-trivial machines meet?
How can the school environment do its real job: to encourage the appreciation of non-triviality?
new materials
which one is the prison?
Philosophy Series School Lockers
The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces
new lockers: $22 each (part prison labour)
high strength polymer solutions
Define Solution/Research
Practical Considerations, Budget, constraints
Wants, desires, needs, hopes, inspirations
Research existing situation, locations, design
Function - Interior & Exterior Space use, abuse
Style - Materials, textures, fashion
Form - Safety, security, durability, quality, reliability
Availability, resources, sustainability
Sketch, Collage, 3D model, Prototype
(Google Sketchup, Revit, Autocad)
Revision/Feedback cycle:
Internal - Client - Students - repeat

Frame Problem
Ask Right Questions
Create More Ideas
Select Best Answers
Design a School Locker
outside the box inspirations B
Other Species
Other Areas of Human Storage, ie. home, office, Moon lab, Ships, Japanese mini hotels, prisons
DATA storage
OTHER AREAS OF DESIGN! Fashion, Car, Apple, Architecture..
TEXTURES! Wood, Cloth, Leather, Vinyl...mixed
A. NOT THINKING OF IT AS A STORAGE SOLUTION (Many teens hate storage and more and more data is being cloud stored)

B. NOT LOOKING FOR AN INDESTRUCTIBLE SOLUTION (lockers are "temporary" but can still make object desirable enough to care about). And place lockers in more visible situations without blocking walkways, ie. cafeteria, glass enclosures

C. NOT PLACING FUNCTION OVER FORM OR STYLE (Teens like to be seen as individuals and therefore create a space in which they feel individual without resorting to anti-social expressions ie vandalism. And use the Form surface to educate, iluminate and elevate spirits rather than an ugly blank wall of uniform cheaply constructed metal objects
practical considerations
VOLUME (size/shape)
Form + Style?
What do Teens relate to?
Same solution will not work for every age group
Important Considerations
Hallways for Traffic Flow - not congested with locker usage
Locker = private, positive space - not a tool to teach good organisational skills
Treat kids as humans - unique, individual, special, worthy
Individualised (Work with Designers, Architects, Fashion icons (like H&M)
Environmentally Friendly, sustainable materials
Easily replaceable, fixable (Work with Engineers)
Realistic - awareness of vandalism, bullying, illicit materials storage (esp. current climate of gun fear)

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