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Six word memoir Romeo and Juiliet

No description

Maria Nino

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Six word memoir Romeo and Juiliet

There's Never A Way Out. Maria Nino
Mrs. Prinzo
English 1 (H)-9
23 May, 2013 Juliet Innocent; did not know any better. Romeo Wanted to be loved for once. Nurse Just as guilty as anyone else. Tybalt Just wanted to start more problems. Friar Laurence Desired peace for the two families. Lord Capulet Thought he could control his daughter. Romeo and Juliet (As a novel) Hearts that break, don't break even. She instantly "fell in love" with Romeo,
without even knowing what love is. Romeo
was Juliet's first and only "love." She did not
know anything about love, she still had a young
girl's mentality. Romeo had a habit of being in love without being loved. When he saw that Juliet "loved" him, he wanted to stay with her forever and married her. The nurse was an accomplice to Juliet. Nurse agreed with everything that Juliet agreed with. She encouraged Juliet to marry Romeo and then encouraged her to marry Paris. The nurse was just as guilty for Romeo and Juliet's love as they were. Tybalt knew the feud between the two families but he still urged to attack and kill Romeo. Tybalt wanted to begin new problems between these families. He wanted the families as far as possible from each other. Friar Laurence knew that the two families hated each other and he wanted to fix that. He only agreed to marry Romeo and Juliet because he thought that the two families would stop fighting when their children were married to each other. The Friar was tired of the feud between the Montagues and Capulets. When Juliet refused to marry Paris her father, Lord Capulet, threatened to disown her forever. He thought that this would get Juliet to marry Paris when all it did was encourage Juliet to kill herself. Throughout the entire literary piece, the Montagues and Capulets had a very strong type of hate toward each other. This novel was a battle between love and hate. When the families saw their children dead, they were ashamed of themselves. They were heart broken and they knew that it was their fault for having feuds. There was never away out of the hate. The End :)
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