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SPRT 2010 PRE-LECTURE VIDEO 2 - part 1 for 1/10/2013

What is philosophy anyway and why should we bother?

Helen Hope

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of SPRT 2010 PRE-LECTURE VIDEO 2 - part 1 for 1/10/2013

SPRT 2010
What is philosophy anyway?
What is philosophy?

The importance of thinking philosophically
Derived from the greek word 'philosophia' which means love of wisdom.
Any system of beliefs or values
Important because it can shape policy and practice (NCPE)
How do we validate the claims that we make?
Construction of coherent, logical and well founded arguments.
Clarify and defend ones point of view.
Provide evidence to support your contention.
An understanding of the area you wish to discuss.
The ability to appraise or evaluate evidence contrary or supportive of ones point of view.
Links to both assessments!
Why bother?
Employers want to know how your philosophy fits theirs.

It is important that you can articulate your own views and opinions.

Helps you to understand your place and role in the world. Shapes your reality.
Arnold, P.J. (1979) Meaning in Movement, Sport & Physical Education, London: Heinemann
Mechikoff, R. & Estes, S. (2006) A History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education (4th Ed.). NY: McGraw-Hill.
'Dualism' - mind and body are separate
'Holism'- mind, body and spirit together
'Humanism' - focus on humans and the body rather than religion and the universe. The body houses the soul.
Mechikoff & Estes (1993)

Watch the first four minutes of this or all of it if you want!!!
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