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i funny tv

No description

shamar wylie

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of i funny tv

designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
this story takes place when jamie grimm, one of the main characters, is at school and a helicopter flies in and a rich man from hollywood asks jamie if he wants to be on tv.
major characters
jamie grimm - in a wheelchair, funny
uncle frankie - helpful, runs a diner
lars johannsen - bully, buff
the smiley family - they do not smile, they adopted jamie
mr.amodio -rich guy from hollywood
jimmy pierce - very smart
joey gaynor - has tattoos and piercings
gilda gold - likes baseball
first: there is a new bully in town named lars and he is big and buff and bullies jamie.
after jamie wins worlds funniest kid, mr amodio, a rich man from hollywood, asks jamie if he wants to do his own tv show.
i funny tv
a middle school story

authors and illustrator
james patterson and chris grabenstein
: laura park
setting and time
second: lars also bullies stevie who is a bully himself, but after that the two bullies team up
last: only one bully, lars, goes after jamie. jamie uses his comedy skills to beat lars but lars pushes him and jamie falls but laughs it off.
jamie has to sign a contract but he does not want to do the show. he also does not want to lose his million dollars he won from the contest.
jamie also does not have one million dollars to give back, so he has to do the tv show.
while doing the tv show, jamie chokes and does not say anything but gets another chance on saturday night live and does great. in the end, jamie has a lot of fun on tv.
the theme of this book is how a boy named jamie grimm wins worlds funniest kid. he goes on to have his own tv show, but still goes through hardships. in the end it all works out.
jamie winning worlds funniest kid foreshadows that he may or may no have his own tv show in hollywood where the contest was held
my opinion
i chose this book for several reasons. reason one is because i read all the other books and this is the sequel in the series for now. reason two is that the book is funny and entertaining. the last reason is because james patterson is one of my favorite authors.
by shamar wylie
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