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Channel Nine- Australian Media Organisations Presentation

Discussing channel nine's mission statement/purpose, programming, audience, ratings, ownership, funding and regualtions. How they affect Australian audiences.

Danii Cooper

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Channel Nine- Australian Media Organisations Presentation

Channel Nine Australian Media Organisations Programs Big Brother Audience Ratings Channel 9's drama House Husbands debuts as most watched TV show in Australia. It averaged 1.376million views. Ownership 2 Broke Girls 60 Mintues ACA AFP Anger managment The Big Bang Theory The Block Ellen Funniest Home Video's The Farmer wants a wife The Footy Show Get away HI-5 House Husband Kid's WB Magical Tales The Mentalist Mike & Molly Millionaire hotseat Mornings Nine News Person of intrest Survior Philippines Today Top Gear Two and a Half Men Underbelly Wide World of Sports The Veiw The Voice MORE Depending on the program, it will have different target audiences. For example, reality tv shows, are targeted at younger audiences. Where as more non-fictional programs are aimed at older audiences. An Example 60 minutes- Is aimed at older people such as parents. particularly 30+. It is a non-fictional program, that shows issues that are currently floating around in the media. Compared to... Big Brother- which is more aimed at teenagers and young adults. This audience feels as if they can relate to the competitors in the show. There for, making the program more successful. HOUSE HUSBANDS The Nine Network has been the second highest rating television network in Australia since 2007, behind the Seven Network and ahead of Network Ten, ABC and SBS. Nine began using the slogan "Let Us Be The One" in 1977, and then became the number 1 free to air network in Australia and National Nine News became the most watched news service. Soon after in 1978, Nine switched their slogan to "Still the One" which lasted until the ratings downfall in January 2006. During the 80s, Nine's ratings peaked and drove the network forward well into the 90s. From 1999 to 2001, the network began to loose ratings, putting channel Seven in front. Nine Entertainment Co. is a media company owned by CVC Asia Pacific. Originally a 50/50 joint venture with Consolidated Media Holdings. Has diverse interests including the Nine Network, ACP Magazines, Ticketek and Acer Arena. Assets
Television Nine Network, 100%, an Australian free-to-air television network. TCN Sydney, 100%, a metropolitan television station based in Sydney, Australia.
GTV Melbourne, 100%, a metropolitan television station based in Melbourne, Australia.
QTQ Brisbane, 100%, a metropolitan television station based in Brisbane, Australia.
NTD Darwin, 100%, a metropolitan television station based in Darwin, Australia. GO!, 100%, Australia's highest-rating free-to-air digital multichannel.
GEM, 100%, an Australian free-to-air digital multichannel.
NBN Television, 100%, a regional television station based in Newcastle, Australia.
DTD, 50%, a digital television station based in Darwin, Australia, joint-venture with Southern Cross Media Group. Magazines ACP Magazines, 100%, Australia's leading magazine publisher operating in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United Kingdom. Digital Ninemsn, 50%, an online entertainment portal, joint-venture with Microsoft.
Carsales Network, 50.6%, Australia's leading online automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business.
My Home, 48.75%, an online real estate business, joint-ventue with Shane Dale and My Home Group.
Australian News Channel, 33.33%, a subscription television news service, joint-venture with British Sky Broadcasting and Seven Media Group. Events Ticketek, 100%, an event ticketing business operating in Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.
Acer Arena, 100%, an entertainment and sporting complex located in Sydney, Australia. Funding Channel nine is funded and makes money by companies such as SPC, that want their products or services advertised for audiences to see and recognize. During more popular programs, to play the advertisement prices are increased, as more people will be viewing it. Regulation 1965–1977; 26 January 1988–29 January 2006 1977–26 January 1988; used in on-air idents only 30 January 2006–14 January 2008 14 January 2008–26 September 2009 27 September 2009–present -regulations vary according to the time slot
-governments provide financial assistance
-ACMA main regulation body along side "free tv"
-program content will be regulated
-children tv shows are censored and advertising time
- all children shows have to be Australian
-there are restriction in regards to accessing existing technology for broap THE END
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