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First Day Introduction

No description

Mrs. Feist

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of First Day Introduction

The world is a mysterious place...
Why was the Black Plague so devastating...?
Vlad Dracula...Prince or Vampire..?
Bram Stoker's Dracula is based on Count Dracula from Romania who tortured and impaled 40,000 to 100,000 of his enemies and drank their blood...

Why did Da Vinci paint an extra hand? Is that a man or a woman on the left side of Jesus? Why did Da Vinci write backwards, using "mirror writing"?
What really happened to JFK and Marilyn?
The Bubonic plague was one of the most destructive pandemics of all time. It eliminated 60% of Europe's population!
About Mrs. Feist
From Rhode Island
Graduated from the University of Rhode Island
Moved to Palm Coast in July 2006
Certified to teach social studies, Business Education, and Exceptional Student Education
I am a teacher because I love history, I like working with high school students (you guys understand sarcasm!), and I would like to inspire all students and help them to be successful!
My favorite colors are pink, blue, and silver
I love country music but listen to everything
I enjoy the biking, cooking, reading, scrapbooking, the beach, and hanging out with friends and family
I enjoy teaching, get along well with students, I can be "feisty" (sarcastic) but I don't hold grudges, and I get along with all people
I am going to school for my master's degree, so I feel your pain with homework, but I'm still giving homework!
Must Have Materials!
Pink, blue, yellow, and green highlighters!
Sticky Notes
3 Ring Binder (at least 2 in.) & Divider Tabs
Pens, pencils - Mechanical Pencils best
Loose leaf paper or notebook
Index Cards would be a good idea! travel size kleenex and germ x would also be good!
HEAD PHONES or EAR BUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
What am I expected to do When I enter the classroom?
Proceed to your seat and begin working on the warm up or assignment
You only have a limited amount of time to do your warm up and then we grade them!
Yelling & running are inappropriate for the classroom
Have your homework out
Have pencils sharpened during passing time
Get book out and opened to current chapter
Have paper and other supplies ready before the bell rings
What Should I do If I'm Late?

Enter the classroom quietly and proceed to my desk
You Must have a valid pass
Place the pass on my desk, proceed to your desk to begin working - DO NOT HAND ME THE PASS
It is not ok to arrive late to my class for the following reasons
In a teacher's classroom finishing test/quiz, asking about grades, assignments, etc.
In the media center
In the Field House, gym, green house
Finishing a "big project" in TV production, or for art
A pass from another teacher is NOT valid - they do not have permission to keep you from my class, so I will make you get a valid late pass from the attendance or dean's office
If it is important that you are late to my room, always ask me first!
What if I need to leave the classroom?

Must have legitimate reason to leave room
Visit Dean's, guidance, attendance, other teachers, etc. on your own time
Must have planner & hallway pass
Ask to use bathroom at appropriate time (not when I'm speaking!)

Welcome to World History with Mrs. Feist!
Please pick up a Tech. form, Syllabus, & Signature form on the front table!
Please see seating charts hanging above front table

Passes & Late Work

You will receive 2 hallway passes per quarter
Extra credit will be given each semester for unused passes
You MAY NOT LEAVE the room without a planner & a hallway pass - SO DON'T LOSE YOUR PASSES or planner!
You can turn in work late up to 2 class meets after the due date for a letter grade reduction plus further reduction for anything that is incorrect or incomplete
The assignment grade becomes an F after 2 class meets
What Should I do if I have a question?

Raise your hand
Wait patiently until I call on you
Write your question down on a sticky note
Questions about your grade, assignments, etc. should be asked before or after school, or at an appropriate time during class
What should I do near the end of class?
1. It is impolite to begin packing up when I'm speaking& before class is over
2. I will let you know when you can pack up
3. Remain seated until the bell rings or I dismiss you
4. Clean up trash/debris around your desk
5. The floor is NOT a good place for notebook frillies, etc!!!!
6. Calmly exit the classroom
This is not ok!
It is NEVER ok to put your head down in class or sleep!
Remain seated from bell to bell
Work diligently for the entirety of the class
Respect Mrs. Feist by not speaking when she is speaking or during quiet times
Respect classmates by listening to them and not talking over them
DO NOT disrupt others with inappropriate behaviors
Ask permission to get items, sharpen pencil, etc.
Refrain from cursing, inappropriate language & actions, teasing & bullying others
Push in your chair :-)
If you damage, lose, or take any resources, books, materials or any other classroom items, you will be financially responsible for them and will receive a referral and possibly a suspension or expulsion, depending on the situation
Please do not use classroom items inappropriately or write/draw inappropriate things on the items!!
What's the deal with homework & Assignments?

Homework is collected at the beginning of class so have it out & ready to go!
Pass homework & assignments up the rows
Line Leaders - Please sort papers and hand to line leaders at left
Line Leader closest to my desk - please place papers in neat pile on my desk :-) Thank you!!
If you "miraculously find" your homework during or at the end of class, IT IS CONSIDERED LATE!
What if I'm Absent?
Try not to be absent!
Attendance & success are linked!
It is your responsibility to get your work when you return
An excused absence DOES NOT excuse the work!
I will not remind you to turn in work that was due during your absence- please see handbook about
work assigned before you were absent
Be prepared to take the test or turn in essays/long-term assignments when you return!
What's the absence policy?
District policy states that students WILL NOT receive credit for any work due during an unexcused absence - Tests are subject to this as well!!
You must bring in a note within 5 days of the absence to the attendance office in order to excuse the absence
Deliver the note on your own time, please don't ask me to go before or during class
You are limited to the number of absences that can be excused
If you do not remind me that you brought in a note, your assignment grade will remain an F.
If you have more than 4 unexcused absences you must pass the midterm/final in order to pass the semester
If you are sent to the hold for a dress code violation, that is considered an unexcused absence!!!
Why do I need a binder?

Binders help students organize their assignments
Studies show that organization leads to student success
Sometimes people & Skyward makes mistakes!
If there is a grade discrepancy, you will need proof to show me you did the work!
The work must have a grade on it, or that means that you did not turn it in - grade remains an F
If you have no proof, I can't help you!
You will also need a notebook or loose leaf in the binder to act as a WRITING JOURNAL!
What's the deal with re-takes?
Students may re-take any test with a score under 80%
Students may not retake quizzes
Must complete test corrections including page # and explanation of answer and an essay prompt
Must make an appointment with me
Must re-take test within 10 days of original test date
PLEASE let me know if you need to reschedule!
The retake test is not the same test!
What Should I Be Doing When We Have A Visitor?
A visitor may be the principle, assistant principle, dean, another teacher, guest speaker, or any adult
All students should remain seated, continue working, & use quiet voices
This is not the time to ask to leave the room, sharpen pencils, or display any behavior that a guest speaker might consider impolite or distasteful
What if there's a fire drill?

Take a left into the hallway
Take a right at the media center and exit into the teacher parking lot
Head across the teacher parking lot, cross the road
Stand as a group on the grassy area before you get into the student lot
Do not go into the student lot
You must stay together, so that I can take attendance
What Does Mrs. Feist Expect From Me Every Day?

Be in your assigned seat & ready to work every day
Have your homework out, pencil sharpened, textbook out to current chapter, working on warm up, etc. BEFORE the bell rings
Raise your hand & wait to be called on patiently
Turn assignments in on time
Be polite & respectful
PUSH in your chair please!
Clean up around your desk
Respect the textbooks, & other classroom items
Treat others the way you would like to be treated
Administration has asked us to not allow food, gum & spillable drinks in our classrooms

Spilled food and drinks have led to.....certain situations.......
We definitely want to avoid the following situations!
Crunchy chips.....
Aaah..America runs on Dunkin...
Refreshing Dew......
Taste the rainbow...
Gooey cheese....
You are allowed to have any beverage in a resealable container, like plastic water bottles :-) GUM IS NOT ALLOWED!
Like this......
and this....
And this!
Let's not forget about this!
And these little creatures too!
I reward students for the following behaviors

Excellent work ethic (quietly working, thoughtful answers, paying attention in class)
Being helpful, polite, and respectful
Pushing in your chair or others chairs
Cleaning up any trash, debris, frillies around you and the room
Excellent grades and effort in work
Rewards include, listening to music during independent times, extra credit points, lunch passes & tokens, leaving early on Friday (last period), free time, random rewards
I'm excited to begin a new year with you!

These are my tips for success

Do the homework! It's worth it, it is designed to prepare you for assessments from the tests and quizzes to FCAT and EOC's
Homework grades will increase your class grade
Involve yourself in class, the more you involve yourself, the more knowledge you will retain & that means less studying!
Remember that if I address a behavior, I'm just doing my job and reminding you to do yours!
Work already..... but it's the first day of school!
Assignments Due! -

Signed Syllabus - due Friday 8/23

Get your materials - 8/30

Create your accounts - 8/23

Edmodo Introduction - 8/23

Understanding Maps Packet - 8/26 & 27

HONORS - You have a project coming up :-) More info. later!

What's My Grade?

You can email me or see me before/after school for your grade
Your parents can come to MHS to sign up for Skyward, they will need a license
Benefits of having access to Skyward - Keeping track of grades, viewing upcoming assignments, finding mistakes!
If you would like your Skyward access, please email me or see me or any of your teachers at an appropriate time
If mistakes are made, you will not know unless you and your parents sign up!
You must hang on to your work to prove that you did the work, if you lost or trashed your work, I can't help you!
You will receive 4 progress reports and 4 report cards - if you would like a progress report at any time, please email me
“If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced”. – Vincent Van Gogh

"Life does not come with a rewind button" - Mrs. Feist

Have a great year!
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