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Year 8 Science Revision Notes

No description

James Burch

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Year 8 Science Revision Notes

By James Burch,
Harry Perkins,
Tom Bush and
Edwin Park Year 8 Science Revision Notes Biology, Chemistry
and Physics Biology

Life Process
Organ Systems


Chemical reactions
pH Scale


Forces Biology Physics QUIZ Chemistry Fitness Cells and Microbes Humans and plants Speed Forces Q.1 Light What is neutralisation? It is important to know your speed otherwise we would not be able to control much! Formulas Chemical Reactions When a chemical reaction in which an acid and a base interact with the formation of a salt Q.2 what is the word equation for Photosynthysis The difference between speed and acceleration is that speed is how fast you are moving and acceleration is the change in speed. Humans work in a very specific way we have organs and joints that compliment each other and work together a muscle for each job that needs to be done.

The human body has many organs for each job that needs to be done.

The Heart
The heart work specifically on keeping the blood running around our body , keeps us alive and gets the mch neeed oxygen to all of the cells that need it.

The Lungs
The lungs are respnosible for getting te oxygen from the air to the blood through
vessels, the oxyge then gets carryie around the body in oxygenated blood
providing the cells with the energy they need to keep the human body working.

The kidneys
The kidneys work to keep our body clean from teh fast foods
and outside dirt and grime, keeping the body to work
without dirt clogging it up Displacement Reactions Displacement reactions take place when more reactive metals replace the less reactive metals. For example: Magneisium + Copper Sulphate ----> Magneisium Sulphate + Copper . Plants Carbon dioxide + water = oxygen + glucose Diseases Diseases are around every corner, there are many diseases that we can catch from the outside world, from dirty metals dirty foods.

Cancer is a rapid evloution of cells that start to mutate, and start to form a tumour. tumours can cause problems by blocking vessels or spreading the mutuation.

Your bone marrow is damaged so then your production of cells in our skeleton.

There are many more. The magneisium is more reactive than the copper sulphate so it displaces it and becomes magneisium sulphate. Forces dictates what happens our life, whther its moving or making your magnets work! The pH Scale The pH scale is used to determine how acidic or alkaline a solution is. 7 is the pH of water. It is neutral on the pH scale (not acidic not alkaline). Plants are very different to humans in how they get energy from the sun and how they repopulate and survive.

The petals are used to attract all animals like bees and wasps, these animals are crucial in the reproduction of the species. the animals will carry the pollen, on their fur, that is produced by the plants when they fly in to collect the nectar and on their way back to the hive they will drp the pollen so the pant can repopulate.

The stem is also important to the process because of how the stem can carry water from the ground through the roots and to the rest of the plant and also through the stem the energy from teh sun can be passed to the rest of the plant.

the leaf is responsible for the photosynthesis and the energy
sorce. the leaf collects the energy from the sun and the
photosynthesis occurs inside the leaf using a green
pigment and the energy form the sun.
Q.3 To make an acid neutral you must add a alkaline and to make an alkaline neutral you must add acid. What is the neutral point n the PH scale? Lemon juice is pH 2! 7 Oven cleaner is pH 13! Q.4 Name 3 types of disease transmition? Your stomach lining (hydrochloric acid) is pH 1! Sex, bad hygine, touching, eating rotted or raw foods, mother to baby, insect bites, sneezing, coughing e.t.c. Liquid drain cleaner is pH 14! Q.5 How does a hydrolic piston work? A piston creates an amount of pressure in the fluid, it then pushes the piston. The pressure is determind by thr area of the second piston. Q.6 Name three ways how heat is transfered Conduction, convection and radiation Cells and microbes workin protcting our body andmaking it work.

Red blood cells
the red blood cells carry oxygen around your body providin all of you muscles with the much needed energy.

White blood cells
The white blood cells are very important beacuse they are respnosible for getting rid of the infection in your body. Fitness is part of everyday life and is responsible for how long that you live for.

If you have a high fitness lvevl means that you ca sleep better and fun faster andlive longer whereas if you arnt you are none of them.
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