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Gender Equality in the Workplace!

No description

Deanna Tillotson

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Gender Equality in the Workplace!

Equality in the Workplace
The Law on Employment Equity
The Employment Equity Act requires that:
The federal government
Federal agencies and
Crown corporations of 100 employees or more
under the Canada Labour Code must implement employment equality.

For 192 chiefs of State there are:
- 10 women presidents
- 10 Chiefs of Government

Around 1/8 of man has a key position in companies
Against 1/40 for women

Does Equity really exist?

What does equality REALLY mean?
Same number of men and women on the payroll?
Equal representation of ethnicity within a company?
As many straight people than there are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender?

OR Does it mean that
in regards to your training and experience

persons have an equal opportunity to retain employment and receive the same pay as peers doing the same job?
Nowhere in the HRM job descriptions does it read -
Find 20 men and 20 women, who are 25% straight, 25% gay and 50% otherwise, who all come from different backgrounds, religious denominations and ethnicity's to fill your employee roster.
In fact HRM activities include:

1. Organization, work and job design
2. HR Planning (right people, right skills, right time, right place)
3. Recruitment and Selection (for skills and background)
4. Training and development
5. Performance management
6. Rewards and recognition
7. Occupational health and safety
8. Employee and labour relations
Thank you for your time,
Alexia and Deanna
How men and women are different? How are they the same at the workplace?
Employment & Pay equity
Employment Equity Act
Should we have Quotas to regulate employment discrimination?
Or does it create another discrimination against men?
Canadian Human Rights Act
, 1978 amendment
Pay Equity is a law
Meaning: Equal pay for Equal work
Aim: narrow the wage gap between men and women
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