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What is the Monroe Way?

No description

Hunter Ochs

on 17 October 2011

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Transcript of What is the Monroe Way?

What is the Monroe Way? It is Monroe Middle Schools` Character Education Program Courtesy
Extend a friendly greeting:
Say something nice
Make eye contact Listen and wait:
Dont interrupt
Say "Excuse Me."
Wait your turn. Thank You Hold The Door share Please Responsibility Initiative Cooperation Success Appereciation Honesty Respect Self-Discipline Commitment Be Honest, dont lie.
Honesty will get you further
then lying will. Honesty is the answer Honesty is better then lying
You wont get in as much trouble as if you lied Respect parents, friends and family. Respect other peopls property. Respect if you want to get respected If you cant say anything nice , dont talk. Dont be lazy, work for you want. Be proud of your efforts and successes. Be a Self-Starter . Ask questions. Do something before you are
asked, told, or reminded . Demonstrate your appreciation for your school. Show appreciation for yourself . Demonstrate appreciation
for the environment. Come prepared for class. Complete work on time. Meet deadlines. Keep promises,
follow through.
•Identify past failure that you turned into successes. •Set realistic expectations and goals. •Analyze the steps necessary to reach your goals. Success, as I see it, is a result, not a goal. (Gustav Flaubert) •Follow directions . •Think before you speak •Be an active listener Respond in an appropriate manner •Keep hands to yourself . •Think before you act .
•Following rules helps everyone, including yourself . Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. •Keep your pledge to yourself and others . •Write down your goal.s
•Pursue your goals. •Don't give up!
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