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Public Speaking

For KDU Law Students 28 Jan 2010

Todd Nelson

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Public Speaking

Before You Speak
Who is my audience?
What is my aim?
Where will I be speaking?
How long or short is my time limit?
As You Speak
Use appropriate body language
Project your voice
Vary your vocal rate and pitch
Avoid distracting mannerisms
How will I organize and present my ideas?
Prepare your notes and/or slides
Relax & connect
Grab attention
Public Speaking
Finding Your Voice
After You Speak
Get Feedback
Listen to audio or watch your video
Keep speaking publicly
Dress up
What stories can I tell?
to inform
to persuade
to instruct
to entertain
Make eye contact
facial expressions
body movement
Dr Todd Nelson
Conclude well
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