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6_Medieval Savages

No description

Norma Recinos

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of 6_Medieval Savages

Medieval Savages
per. 06

History of Trebuchet
Team Members
The team manager is Alejandra Murillo and she was in charge of the scaled drawing, prezi presentation, oral presentation. The only other member is Norma Recinos and she was in charge of the oral presentation, and trebuchet variables.
Trebuchet Materials
The materials we used for this project was jumbo size popsicle sticks, regualar size popsicle sticks, one ruler, 04 batteries, a cloth pouch, crazy glue, hot glue gun, and string.
Trebuchet Steps
1. Use hot glue gun to stick the regular size popsicle sticks together.
2. Glue jumbo sticks onto regular size popsicle sticks. (top & bottom)
3. Glue three jumbo sticks from the top of each other.
4. Tape four batteries (counterweight) and tape them to the ruler.
5. Get a pouch and put a small rock. ( projectile)
6. Get the lever and place it between the two arms.
A trebuchet is a type of siege engine most frequently used in the Middle Ages. Early forms of the trebuchet were observed in China as early as 4 BC and in Europe in 6 BC. Once gunpowder was invented, the trebuchet became obsolete somehwere around the 16th Century.
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