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No description

marian padilla

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Placebo

Raw area in the lining of the upper part of the small intestine (duodenum), where it connects ot the stomach
Caused when the lining of the stomach is eatern away by stomach acid and digestive juioces
Heliobacter pyloi (H. pylori) comonly causes this
+stress, nicotin caffeine and alcohol use

Jacobs and Nordan (1972) showed that red and yellow placebo pills are stimulants and blue are depressants

Schapira (1970): showed that anxietywas reduced with green pills and depression with yellow pills Sallis and Buckalew (1984) demonstrated that the perceived potency of a drug decreased in function of the following pill color order: RBlOYGBW Buckalew & Coffield (1982) showed that some ethnic and cultural factors could alter general color classification of medicines De Craen (1996) did a review on people´s perceptions on the influence of drug color and the degree of influence color had on clinical effects ??? ??? Cultural Variation on the Efficacy of the Placebo Effect on Ulcer Patients Based on Color Symbolism Placebo Effect ??? Fact:
response to drug treatments is not simply a reflection of its chemical compounds
most colors have specific meanings in a wide variety of cultures
Are formulation of different colors perceived as equally active?
Do different colored formulations of the same drug produce a different effect based on cultural color symbolism in a randomised clinical trial?
What effect does color have on the efficacy of the placebos? Study Population EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN!! Methods 630 volunteers (preferably with an even distribution of male and female) with duodenal ulcers
66 volunteers from 5 different countries: China,India,US,Zambia, and Italy
All will undergo diagnosis by endoscopic examinations
Patients will be randomly assigned, under double-blind conditions, to either cimetidine, placebo treatment, or the control group
Therapy for two weeks
Fill out short questionnaire about general level of functioning measured on 5 dimensions: mood, pain, physical abilities, thinking abilities and attention Color symbolism
Wouldn't you like to know how deep the rabbit hole goes?? H1: Positive responses greater for those receiving pills with active ingredients, then placebos, then control
H2: Persons from India and China have better response to pills that are red and least to those that are white H3: Persons from Ndembu will respond more to white pills, next to red pills, and less to blue pills H4: Ndembu will have the least average response out of all the cultures in this experiment H5: Persons from America will have a more or less equal response to the white, red and blue pills. H6: Persons from Italy will have a similar response to Americans in terms of the distribution of their response to red and white pills, and a slightly greater response to the blue pills.
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