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Recycle in Macau

No description


on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Recycle in Macau

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Purpose Example hong kong
plastic bag tax Recycle Policy Type of recycle Glass, paper, aluminum,
asphalt, iron and steel,
printers, toner cartridges,
ink cartridges what is Recycle? Rebecca Ng Edward Long Sasuki Sou RECYCLE IN MACAU New products materials (waste) reduce the consumption
of fresh raw materials Reuse Recycle Reduce social and economic development, population growth, environmental pressures by Macau is increasing on every years. The number of rubbish will
reach the maximum rate in 2020. if we don"t
take action it
will become a serious
problem in the future. Macau’s recycle policy created at
10 years ago, its outdated and
not suitable for macau anymore. Nowadays people change electronic product very fast. It makes many
electronic rubbish and also food waste and car parts. Nowadays people change electronic product very fast. It makes many
electronic rubbish and also food waste and car parts. but not many place in macau
do this kind of recycle. Taiwan government
They recycle the leftover, those floodwater become manure. Promote Macau lack of promotion,,many citizen don’t understand why recycle is so important.But in hong kong the promote it in school, in tv and implement this policy. Such as the plastic tax.

But in macau’s supermarket just have one day in a month is non-plastic bag day.thats not enough.

In Taiwan they are promoting a rubbish charge, to reduce the waste from the beginning. €‹
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