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Alabama Moon

By: Lily Patterson

McKayla Edwards

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Alabama Moon

By: Lily Patterson
6'th Period Alabama Moon
By: Watt Key Characters Setting Moon Blake Plot Line Theme One of the themes of Alabama Moon is the coming of age aspect. Moon has to learn how to think for himself and stop taking what Pap taught him for granted.

Another theme is finding friendship. Moon has to learn to trust Hal and Kit to become friends. He does this even though Hal is bigger then him and Kit is sick. Point of View The point of view in Alabama Moon is in first person. This is important because we can read about exactly what Moon is feeling, seeing or thinking. Without the first person point of view the book would make less sense and be boring in my opinion. Some of the crucial points in the book would not be explained well enough without knowing what Moon was thinking. Elements of Fiction One element of fiction in Alabama Moon is Man vs. Society. The main character Moon is a boy who has conflict with the law. Moon doesn't want to be run by the government. For Example, in the book on page 65, paragraph 4, Moon says he's going to go to Alaska just to get away from the government.
Importance of the Novel The reason I think the novel was important enough to read in class is because it gives you an idea of what it would be like to live without the modern conveniences of today. In the book Moon has spent his whole life living off the land. He lives almost nothing like we do so it think by reading this book in class it could help us understand how we could be living if we didn't have modern advancements. Alabama's Forest in the 1980's Kit Slip Hal Mitchell Exposition Moon Blake is a ten year old boy living in the forests of Alabama. Moon has learned to live off the land and is very independant. He has recently lost his Pap and is living on his own. Rising Action When Moon's father dies Moon decides to follow his father's advice and make his way to Alaska. On his way to Alaska Monn runs into trouble with the counstable Davy Sanders. Sanders sends Moon to jail and then to a boys center called Pinson. There Moon meets Kit and Hal and together they plan their escape. Climax After escaping from Pinson the three boys find themselves on the run from Sanders in the forest. When Hal leaves to find his dad and Kit goes to the hospital Moon has no reason to stay. He lives with Hal and his dad for a little while before being arrested by Sanders again. At the same time Kit dies and Moon is heartbroken. Now Moon has to face trial for the alledged crimes that Sanders said he committed against him. Falling Action Moon now has to face Sanders in court with great odds against him, but then eveything starts to turn around for the better. When Sanders takes Moon to find his missing pistol Mr. Wellington comes along and offers Moon a new place to stay and himself to be Moon's lawyer. The day of the trial comes and Mr. Wellington proves Moon's innocence. Sanders is arrestede and the fight with him is over. Resolution Moon can now relax after months of being on the run. He spends his time with Hal and Mr. Wellington for a while. During that time Mr. Wellington looks for any trace of Moon's relatives and after finding an inscription on the back of Pap's old watch contacts Moons uncle. His uncle then comes to take Moon back home with him to Mobile. Moon then realizes that with his aunt, uncle and cousins he has found the place where he belongs.
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