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Localization Engineering- Roadmap into future v1.0

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on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Localization Engineering- Roadmap into future v1.0

Localization Engineering-
Org. Strategy v1.5 1999-2007 2007-2011 Q4 2011 onwards Localization Engineering- A Global Team Effectively train and build the team Some challenges and guiding principles- A High level view
Build a scalable organization Making and Sustaining Impact Stretching professional boundaries Localization Engineering- An Independent function @Citrix Project Renaissance Effectively train the new members Planning Important for us to have a sense of history i.e
to know how it all started before understanding where we are heading. Three Eras in our History Discovery Broadening the horizons Independent function ....thing I look for is scars. You can call it wisdom, you can call it experience, or the things that went wrong in your life. That’s where I think knowledge turns into wisdom. A lot of people will have facts and information. I’m looking for wisdom, and wisdom ends up being a measure of scars, and things that went wrong and what you did about them...
Mark Templeton This era had its fair share of scars upon which we have built to reach the current levels of maturity as an organization. Scalable Organization
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