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Medicine in the 1500-1600s

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Sam Stanek

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Medicine in the 1500-1600s

Medicine in the 1500-1600s European medicine was dominated by the Church. They believed that illness was punishments of God and only treatable by prayer. Anybody who dared to heal a person were accused of interfering with the will of God. Humorism Theory: the theory of the makeup of the human body, adpoted by Greek/Roman physicans. Said that the lack of any of the 4 distinct bodily fluids in a person directly influences their health. Only the rich could afford physicans to cure them. For herbal remidies, Physicans used plants and minerals for the rich and herbs for the poor. Famouse physican John Ardeme, who treated the royalty, cured kidney stones by using hot plaster by smearing it with honey and pigeon faethers on the patients stomach. The 4 humors match the 4 seasons
Autum: black bile Spring: blood Winter: phlegm Summer: yellow bile Cures from Medieval England For toothache: take a candle and burn it close to the tooth, the worms that are hurting your tooth will fall out

For evil spirts of the head: cut a hole into the skull to release evil spirts trapped in the brain. Or cutting out a part of the brain said to be "infected" with evil spirts

For general illness: show your love to God and drink holy water

Blood letting: when blood was drained from a certain part of the blood, suppose to release the bad blood from the body. Leeches were sometimes used for this aswell

Cauterization (burning apart of the body): identified apart of your body was ill and was cured by red hot pokers The 4 humors of the body: black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood Also assosiated with one of the universal elements
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