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Next Generation of Nonprofit Board Leadership Training

No description

Julie Bianchi

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Next Generation of Nonprofit Board Leadership Training

The Next Generation of Nonprofit Board Leadership Training Seattle Works will offer
the Bridge:201 Action 1 Picture this... What would you do? Adaptive Challenges Can only be solved by changing people’s priorities, beliefs, habits, and loyalties, learning something new, or shedding old ways to thrive. The Bridge: 201 A six-hour board leadership training for Seattle Works Millennials Born between 1982 through the early 2000s

Largest, most racially and ethnically diverse generation in history From a Technical to an Adaptive Approach Presented by Julie Bianchi Finding 1
Few boards are fluent in the dynamic
governance approaches that are needed to move
organizations forward. Today's Challenges Shifting funding sources
Increasing For-Profit competition
Pressure to demonstrate high performance
Dramatically changing demographics
High turnover in key staff positions Finding 2 Adaptive Leadership offers a strong
framework to activate others to tackle the big challenges facing nonprofits today Adaptive Leadership is Inspired by Adaptation
Preserves what is working well Discards what’s not working
Creates a better version Most common cause of failure in leadership is produced by treating adaptive challenges as if they were technical problems. Content with immediate application Experimental peer learning in group environments Facilitated, not taught with lecture 10-minute segments Multi-sensory Finding 3 Board leadership trainings
need to be reimagined. Action 2 Opportunities to Workshop own adaptive challenges from board experience Action 3 real time practice with governance as leadership principles Action 4 Peer-learning in
group environments short segments and
experimental activities Action 5 Questions?
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